Sorry, another 'which jacket/smock' question!!!!

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Early P

Mar 8, 2021
I have a mil tec, tacgear and mfh windproof smock. I like the look of the Sarmas and saw some on ebay for less than £50. Windproof smocks are not particularly warm but dry fast when wet and are very hard wearing. Incidentally i compared an Arktis smock to my current MFH kit carry and i was surprised to find mine superior in every way and a 3rd of the price. Have a look on ebay, i am sure that where i saw the Sarma smocks. Mine have yet to catch fire and im always too close to the fire. I did however spill burning ethanol on the sleeve onto the velcro that turned into napalm on my palm when i stupidly tried to slap it out but it didnt burn through the shell.


Oct 18, 2013
South West
Bring something in polycotton like jacket from Varusteleka or surplus.

1. It is good enough for wind and little rain (with nikwax and hydropobic layer under the jacket).
2. some rain : Bring a raincut anorak from Decathlon (8€), cut the bottom under zipper and half length arm and you have something to protect the upper part of the polycotton jacket. Light, compact, cheap.
3. Rain : bring a liner like A310 Arktis.
4. Rain all days : bring 2&3.



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