Review of the T3 Bandage, an alternative to the Israeli bandage

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Have a read of the review HERE

Enter the T3​

The Tactical Trauma Treatment (T3) bandage. The same manufacturer makes this as the Israeli bandage. While it is almost identical in pack size to the 100mm, the T3 offers more flexibility with the design and has increased usage.

There's also a Discount Code provided by Reflex Medical, valid until June 2021. See the end of the review for more details.



Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
NIce, clear, and informative review. Thanks Buckshot :)

At present the bandage can be found on page two of Reflex Medical's catastrophic bandages bit on their website.

It's quite astonishing just how many types of bandage, etc., that there are available.
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Feb 18, 2010
Great to hear MrEd, I'm pleased it helped.

Thanks Mary, there are certainly lots of options i agree.

the bit that sold it to me was the long shelf life, I was buying Israeli bandages of eBay but they only ever have a year or two.

I needed a new disposable suction unit and some other bits and pieces so added one on. Hadn’t come across reflex medical but their prices are good, thanks for sorting a discount link, I saved over a fiver on my whole order :)


Jan 19, 2004
Good idea.
I think the single biggest problem with these types of dressing is people tend to only buy one to carry and use if they have to because they can get quite expensive.
Learning how to use a bandage/ touching it for the first time when trying to apply to you/ someone in anger is not the best way to learn - or the best way to care for the patient!

YT videos etc are great but for me actually holding the bandage and practicing is the best way to go.
I remember a few years ago at the moot Sandbags (I think) ran a workshop on the Israeli bandage, it was well attended by people who had one but not opened it.

When we can finally meet up again I shall try to remember to take both the Israeli and T3 bandages i used in the review to meet ups so people can have a play.

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