reccomendations for a tent light please

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Feb 20, 2016
I managed to buy an ex display one of these for less than half price. I am pleased with that and I will post a review after I can test it out
Well it arrived today. well the design is good and the two way slider switch works very well enabling you to chose red or white without having to scroll through a dozen options to find the one you want like you do with many one button lights. It is rated at 150 lumens but to me it does not seem as bright compared to my head torch of the same rating. that could be because it is a more yellow softer light than the bright white of my head torch. the globe does do a good job of dissipating the light and produces quite a natural light for an LED. It does feel robust and I think will stand up to the bump and knocks associated with travel

comparing the prices on US websites the basecamp model which I think would be better for me is $35 (about £28 that seems reasonable) buy one in the UK and its £52 I think the UK price hike makes these an expensive option a bit of a shame
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Feb 26, 2014
yes I think I will order one of those
Well not even 2 weeks & mines arrived. It's identical to the luminaid one apart from no branding. The light/solar panel is a tiny bit off centre but that's about it. Great little light! I have it hung on my pack (has a loop attached) to charge up. It's yet to go flat on me

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