Re-sole wellco jungle boots

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Nov 18, 2020
I doubt it's possible, they have a directly moulded sole (DMS) & given their overall quality, it just isn't worth it, a new pair would cost less than any work done on them.


Aug 18, 2005
If its the panama style sole worn out as said I think its a new pair. however with modern techniques it may be possible. I will be using this company for my next haix resole as suggested on here by another member. No harm in asking.


Nov 16, 2019
Vantaa, Finland
Seems to depend weather they are just worn out or broken. They seem to be of a type where new tread can be bonded. I don't know if that is worth wile or not.


Oct 6, 2003
Glad I stopped in on this thread. I may have some work for that Boot Repair Company, a pair of Meindl where the mid-sole has fallen apart. They don't make that boot any more, and another similar pair would require much driving and trying on, then probably a £200+ price.

I have had a pair of Clarks dress shoes fully resoled, and the result was unwearable, so I believe there is an element of risk as to whether any resoled footwear actually works like the original. With the Meindls the risk of throwing £60 down the drain for the chance of saving £200 might be worth it.

Sorry, not sure about the Jungle Boots. They look like it might be possible to cut off a worn sole and bond on a new one, but I think I would be concerned about using them in a jungle afterwards. Would be a bummer of a place to learn if glue isn't quite good enough!

I have used consumer grade glues to get more life from day hiking boot soles, but that was just little bits, and the glue never held for long, best was a few months of dry and fairly smooth use.


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Feb 17, 2018
I have a pair of jungle boots that fit like slippers. The sole is worn away. I may get a newer sole bonded on. I won't be wearing them in a jungle anymore and haven't for a few years since. I found them in amongst loads of other stuff......

But they're so comfy I wandered if they may be resoled......

@C_Claycomb if I do return to the jungle any time in the future, I'll be breaking in a new set of Wellco' months beforehand! That Panama sole eptomises 'built for purpose perfection'.......

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I think you could re-sole the Austrian army version easily, because it's sewn, not glued together.

Perhaps it's worth to try them ?

the picture looks like desert boots to me -- i cannot make out any drainage holes like on other jungle boots...
somewhat off topic but over here everyone just wears rubber boots but i guess that's (mainly) because they're cheap enough for the locals to afford them while decent footwear is as common as hens teeth...


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Mar 5, 2018
I don't own them, but that are linen and leather boots, traditionally sewn together.

I doubt that they have drainage holes. Sand, stones and insects should stay outside, isn't it?


Oct 6, 2003
Jungle boots tend to have metal mesh covered drainage holes. Jungle sand gets everywhere, drain holes or not. Ditto leaches.
I have seen quite a few boots advertised as Desert/Jungle, as if the same boots would be suitable for both environments. The boots in question are generally of a desert type, not much padding, not waterproof, suede and nylon. I am dubious as to whether anyone would actually design and make boots that would really work in both places. I have two pairs of desert boots and a pair of dedicated jungle boots, and they are not much alike. With recent wars, and tourism to dry areas (esp in the USA) there are lots of dry terrain boots, but the jungle boot market is a lot smaller. I think the Desert/jungle description is more marketing ploy than reliable guide.
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Jungle boots tend to have metal mesh covered drainage holes. Jungle sand gets everywhere, drain holes or not. Ditto leaches.
strangely no leeches around here (not that i'm complaining :p ) --- the locals didn't even know what i was talking about when i was trying to find out the (local) spanish word for them...

the late Ruediger Nehberg mentions in one of his books that everyone (incl. prostitutes) on the gold fields in the Amazon jungle wore soccer shoes (and matching knee-high socks) as their spiked soles provided good traction on muddy jungle terrain...

sorry for my offtopic rant.... :)
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