Posting content from other sites including your own.

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
External content, particularly video content

On Bushcraft UK we love all things Bushcraft, camping and outdoorsy and we appreciate that over the last few years social media, blogs and self made video’s etc have become the norm, hence the need for this addition to the guidance and rules.

Not your content (content you're copying over from somewhere else)
If you’re posting up something that you’ve seen and like from another site such as youtube, please embed the video so it displays here on bushcraft uk and not just put in a link which means we have to go off site to see the content, this is not always possible but whenever it is it should be done.

Your own content (you've created the content or have an interest in promoting it)
We appreciate the time and energy that you’ve taken to create content such as reviews and video’s about bushcraft and the outdoors and that you wish to share them with the membership and general readership here on Bushcraft UK, we welcome video’s and reviews that you have written and created and hope that the rules we have here help to clarify how we handle that content.

Please do not join Bushcraft UK just so that you can promote your own content, to build your facebook, youtube or instagram following (and other such social media), we do not want people that want to just use us and our hard work to further themselves. If this happens we’ll just remove content and ban the account.

Those that participate in the forums and wish to post their own content are welcome to under certain conditions.
Wherever possible the content should be displayed here on BCUK for people to read or watch without having to go to another site, if it’s a video then it should be posted using the tags so it displays in the post and is not just seen as a link.
Reviews and articles should be posted in the thread rather than just linked to, please do not put something like:
"I've done a fantastic review of the most fantastic rucksack you’ve ever seen, click on the link to go to my blog and read it"
Just put the review or article up here for the members to read, you can often just drag and drop it into a post and then you can add a link to the original so that people can have a look at your site if they want to.

  1. All content should be embedded and visible on Bushcraft UK links should only be used if embedding is not possible.
  2. If you are unsure of where you stand please contact a Mod and ask.
  3. If you’re unsure how to post things on Bushcraft UK, just ask.
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