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Anyone for sailing?
Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
O.K. folks it looks like this is going to go ahead as long as I can clear up a few things.
I need public liability insurance,and if anyone can point in in the direction of a cheap insurer I'd be grateful.
To re-cover the cost of this insurance I would have to askanybody attending a meet at the site to contribute to this.Would £2 per person per night be a fair price to ask,If not please suggest what you think is a fair price.
I have had a computer quote of £150 so far but this needs to be confirmed in writing with the insurance company.
Hopefuly we can get this off the ground .The forestry commission have said that if we get the insurance then we can have it.
Well done for potting in the hard work for everyone Sapper :You_Rock_

I would suggest before you start quoting how much it would be per night get a firm quote so you're working with real figures. It' amazing how computer quotes increase when you start talking to the people at the insurance companies. After all you'll be putting the money up front to get the insurance so you don't want to be left out of pocket if you under estimate the actual costs.

As for someone to talk to PM Swynn, he has insurance for his place apparently so he'd be a good starting point.


Jun 15, 2007
Sapper, I'd be up for coming over.

Can I just make an observation. £150 'ish seems awfully conservative for 1400 hectares of woodland and some coastline. Once you get the underwriters assessing people camping with open fires I think you will find the quote will go up. You' ve got to consider the worst possible case which would be reimbursing the owner for the loss of all the timber on the site and clearance for re-planting. There is no point skimping on the policy by being creative when applying for the policy because if the worst possible does happen the the insurer is liable - by creative I mean similar to us all telling the insurer that our car is garaged overnight when its actually on the driveway.

Sorry for the downer but, I got lemoned for the task of being IC events insurance on the Corps display team and I remember the fun and games I had making sure all eventualities were covered.

Observation: As responsible people we should all have personal liability insurance aswell - especially if we are out and about in the ulu lighting fires, normally on other peoples property.
Another possibility for payment...
...I dunno how people would feel, but you could take a different approach, rather than pay per person per night, have a set amount to raise for each meet.

Let's say it's gonna be 10 people and you need £50, makes it a fiver each.
If 20 people turn up it drops the price to £2.50 each.
Of course if only 5 turned up it'd make it a bit more pricey, but that way people at least pay a fair share of the insurance cost rather than potentially leaving sapper out of pocket.

Once you'd covered the insurance for the year and maybe the following year, you could drop the price to £1 each per meet and that way collect funds for the insurance ahead of when it is due so you can always have cover.

Or just pass the hat around before hand and offer a "donator's meet up" where only those wh've chipped in get to christen the place. Cover the whole year's insurance in one swoop then.

Good on you for putting in the effort on this. I'll try to get down some time.


Aug 15, 2008
\if we can just turn up anytime we like I would be prepared to give a one off payment of 10-20 quid or whatever towards the fees etc


Aug 15, 2008
I will pay and i would not mind who used it

50 quid even is a lot less than I would pay for a few days camping

with the wildness and exclusivity it looks a bargain to me
Sapper, think of it like websites, or shareware computer programs.

For the most part it is free, yet people can choose to pay. If noone pays it shuts down and eventually dies. Anyone who wants to see it keep going can pay, and to be fair it wouldn't cost too much even if it did come down to a core of 10 paying for it (and I reckon if you just asked for a whip round on here you'd get more than 10 people willing to chip in).

That does mean some people get a free ride, but in my book that's fine as long as they respect the place and don't leave it full of litter, burnt roots and mangled trees.
For the record, if I manage to get down there, I will be contributing to the insurance (and if I had a bit more spare cash I'd contribute regardless, but unfortunately I can't afford that kind of generousity at the moment!)

If it really bothers you that some pay and others don't, you just need to "add value" somehow. Maybe set aside a few weekends in the year for "shareholders only" if that makes sense.
A mini-moot for those who have paid for the insurance and a guest or two each.

I think limiting it to just 10 (or more) people would be a shame, I can see people buying in just so they have the option, but time and commitments getting in the way and so using the site less frequently than another person might have done.

I think either an "optional donation" system or pay per use is the better idea (and I'd be half inclined to go for the former).
I think the "shareholders moot" would be a fun way to add the value too. Of course, anyone could come to that moot, they'd just need to pay a share to the kitty too - that way the following year's insurance can be covered just by a few extra meet-goers not wanting to miss one. ;)


Oct 6, 2008
The only fees involved are the insurance costs,if I can get 10 menbers including me to put up a fixed yearly donation then that would make life a lot easier.
A drawback that I could forsee would be non BCUK members using the site after others had paid.
Should it be limited to paid up members.I'm asking because I want the site to be available to everyone but is it fair that some pay and others dont.I can arrange the insurance to cover only named members or arrange it to limit the numbers able to attend under the insurance.
Come on chaps help me out here lets have some ideas.

i think you would easily get the required moneies from the South Wales group to cover the yearly premium. I persoelly like the idea of the key approach. For the meets im sure the insurance will have a capped capacity as is the case of the other sites i know of. Then other people could come to the meets to fll the spaces on a desiginated contribution per weekend/night which could be used for a raffle or comunual food/drink. I might be on a different wave length but this would certainly be one of the easier options and the subscribtion would mean your not trying to cover cost peice meal throughout the year.

Id be happy to contribute either way