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Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
I need a mentor who can speak fluent Photobucket.
Every 6-8 months, I try to get it going.
Key instruction in the PB site for image transfer is missing.
Thank you.

Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
No Dave, that doesn't work.
I budget no more than 3 hours per day to figure this out, every 6-8 months.
Critical steps are omitted.

I understand your instruction. I would do that.
Here are the facts:
I have hundreds of pictures in folders in my computer.
I have 18 empty Albums in Photobucket.

There is no instruction whatsoever that puts my computer pictures folders up
on the PB page to allow me to select which ones I would like to put into the
PB albums. I've seen it = they show it. They never say how to get the two side-by side.
One step at a time.
There's an arraogant presumption that I can load pix into Photobucket to show them here.
That's fine by me.
PB won't explain how to do that one critical loading step. Seems nobody is willing to fill in the gap.
That's the part that wastes 3 hrs/day.

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Photobucket is free and the upload command is up front as well. It was the advised choice.

Question: Upload from where?

We all know and understand that the source is the dozens of folders and hundreds
of pictures in my computer. Any argument?

The real question is how to get my computer pictures up and IN MY FACE while I have the
PB page open. Seems fairly reasonable for me to be able to pick and choose the pictures to drag and drop, OK?
PB skips that link step.
However, they do show exactly that in the FAQ for uploads.


Nov 29, 2004
"... It was the advised choice..."
I and others would advise otherwise. :)

With most of these services when you click the upload button a 'dialogue box' will open to allow you to navigate to the location of the folder where you store your photos and then select the ones you wish to upload.

Some people keep all their pictures and files on their desktop (messy). Others rely on their operating system to choose which folder pictures are saved to.

For most systems pictures are stored in the 'Pictures' folder, usually in a sub folder named for a date or event.

Rather than move your pictures from their current location, I'd suggest that you create a shortcut/alias to the folder where your pictures are stored and place that on your desktop, then whenever you are pressed to choose a location to upload from, select 'Desktop' first and then the folder alias.


You could of course become a full member and then simply upload them directly to the forum from whichever post you need them to appear within.

You can find an excellent step by step how to on that process written by Vice-Adminral and all round super user dude Ahjno here.

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May 31, 2005
West Devon, Edge of Dartymoor!
Log in to Photobucket – click on to the LIBRARY tab at the top

On the left is a list of albums - Select the album you want to load photos to (or create and name a new one)

On the right is a view of the album. There will be a white square for you to load images into:

To ‘drag and drop’ you will need to have your PC set up so you can see both the photobucket page and the pictures you want to upload, e.g

Click on the pictures you want to upload – to select multiple pictures, hold down the CTRL key and click on each one in turn. Drag the selected pictures and drop them on to the white square shown above. If the album already has pictures in it, the square will usually be in the top left corner and the same size as the image thumbnails.

Alternatively, if you click on the white square in Photobucket you get a file browser window and can then browse to and click on the photos you want to upload – selecting multiple files by holding down the CTRL key and clicking as per above – once you have selected the files , click on the OPEN button on the file browser window

In both cases you will see the “swirly circle of boredom” in the white upload box, and a blue progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

When the progress bar is full you should see your images appear in the Photobucket browser window.



Aug 11, 2011
Photo bucket is so easy especially on an I pad.

Just go to your album on PB find the UPLOAD tab click it, go to where your pics are, individually click pics or as a group then click the OPEN tab and they will upload to PB.


Apr 13, 2011
United Kingdom
I use photobucket. Not an awful lot admittedly since I have been using Dropbox. But it is my go to site for transferring pictures to forums and such like. I have tried other sites for photo and cloud storage but end up with forgotten files and such like. I think it is best to stick a few known systems and master them (or at least be confident in them) than getting confused over loads of different systems.


Jun 10, 2006
south wales
When I look at photo's of my children I realise just how handy digital camera's are. We have maybe a couple of hundred 'real' pictures of them both growing up and some videos but we have thousands of digital shots/videos of the grandchildren. I really do need to spend a couple of days organising the pictures...blooming nightmare :(

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
So far, I can open the PB album of my choice.
I need to be able to see my computer picture library, side-by-side.
Exactly the screen shot that you show above, for the drag n drop step to come.
How is that particular step done?


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Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
So far, I can open the PB album of my choice.
I need to be able to see my computer picture library, side-by-side.
How is that particular step done?
Open the two pages up and reduce them down by placing your cursor on the edge of of your browser page so it becomes a double ended arrow.

Left click and hold then drag the edge until you can see both screens


Dec 15, 2005
How do I open the computer picture library page?
If you're using a windows PC it should automatically open up a windows explorer page when you click on Upload in PB, probably defaulting to your pictures folder. You should be able to browse that window and select the folder and files you want.

If that windows explorer page isn't showing, have you got pop ups disabled somewhere?

Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Thanks Shewie. I'll try that later today.
That is precisely the sticking point = get the computer pictures file to open
while looking at a PB album location..