Ox horn neckies.

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Feb 3, 2008
What about mine then?I'll put me down for the second one please.
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Cap'n Badger

Jul 18, 2006
Port o' Cardiff
Wow, I had no idea what a jewellers saw was until I saw that. Do you clamp the saw and move the horn, or what? Am even more impressed with your skill now!
No...the horn is held on a piece o' wood wi' a 2" hole in it by my left hand.....I then saw verticle t' the horn after drillin' micro holes t' start the saw off on the indiviual lines...eg...wi' yours Count the lines....an' that's how many drill holes there are an' how many times I have t' dismantle the saw an' re-insert it t' cut out the shapes. One piece sillhouettes are easy (otter etc) Celtic ones take a lot more time.:D