Outdoor Toileting Best Practice

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Apr 19, 2018
No kidding, Parks Canada post these instructionals in public latrines now.



Apr 19, 2018
My primary question remains largely unanswered though: is anyone aware of any online best practice advice for outdoor toileting?

I don't know, but is this the kind of thing you mean, Thoth? https://campsandtrails.com/go-to-the-bathroom-when-camping/

There's loads of them from different individuals and organizations out there; all with pretty much the same advice. (Do I get a prize for being the idiot that bit now :lol:)
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Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Biological decomposition is better than cosmetic appeal.
I can buy a "turdstool" which comes with a roll of plastic bags.
While not a back-packer's dream, for day trips with vehicles, just about ideal.

At the same time, there are simple pit toilets scattered across the landscape.
You learn where they are as you learn the landscape. Best bring your own bog roll.
I suppose it was the Forest Service that put them up. Well maintained and relatively clean.

Woodygirl (#14) pointed out a scattering of 50 fire sites in one district.
All along, I have advocated substantial stone fire pits. Far and away better than nothing.
It's a subtle way of directing a consumptive landscape use.

Back country etiquette here shows that fire pits are not disturbed.
In fact, they are likely the best indicators of the good camp sites!
They easily control the potential scatterings of fires.

I hunt the same logging roads in the same valleys 10-20X per season for decades.
I notice with amusement that some fire pits have been deliberately "enhanced"
with gut-busting load after load of new stone.

Of necessity, all these campsites are remarkable spotless. There's nothing of attraction.

Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
The 50 fire scars were in a 500yard stretch. Work that out how far apart they were!
Massive environmental damage.

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