One woodland, one fat bloke, one month!

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The Joker

Sep 28, 2005
Surrey, Sussex uk
As the title says really. I am going to try to live and eat off of the land for one month starting mid April this year and I am hoping to raise LOTS of money at the same time for 'The Shooting Star Chase' children's hospice.
If you guys could find it in your hearts to donate even the smallest amount I would be so grateful.
When the challenge starts there will be a blog to follow and regular up dates on my 'Just giving' page compliments to my wife as I cant leave the woods for a month and there is no internet connection down there so she has agreed to be my update secretary.

PLEASE PLEASE help me make a difference to the lives of children that probably wont see their 19th birthday.

For more details please look at my link below.
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