One month rule?

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Oct 18, 2007
If i had been banned from posting for the first month i wouldn't have ....

....been invited to the Middlewood meet.

....been looking forward to the Middlewood meet.

....known what a 'Bimble' is.

....welcomed new members to the site.

....shown my apprieciation of a good joke.

....cracked a few jokes.

....put some pix in the gallery.

Most important.

....bothered coming back.


Aug 25, 2006
Touché ;)

I think everyone's agreed though, possibly even the originator of the idea, that it's not
actually a good or workable notion and it's not going to happen as far as I am aware :D


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Dec 28, 2003
Oxford/Gloucs border
Have I? As I have re-stated a number of times the period of one month was just plucked out of the air. Although I personally feel that some kind of probabtionary period is a good idea it was simply a suggestion to provoke debate (which it has). Fortunately most people on here saw that, even if they disagreed with the idea (as is their right) - If fisty or whatever his name was decided to take offence that is his problem and I make no apologies.

Ultimately we all appreciate the value of this site as a resource and want to prevent people like 'Cowshedder' simply coming on here to have a go at someone. That was my thinking behind the idea rather than trying to turn it into some kind of clique - in any case I have no influence over how this site is run anyway and so any suggestions and subsequent debate is academic.



As a newbie here I've read this thread with great interest. I'm a member of several forums and I've seen for example trolling on another forum which a new guy went straight to doing and of course your suggestion my have made him bugger off and not bother.

I do agree that on all the forums I use there's nothing more annoying than someone not using the search facility but as has been said earlier I've searched topics on here for hints and tips and often loads come up with just a passing reference to the searched topic.

Although I'm new on the block I get the feeling that there's a lot of folk on here who are only too willing to pass on the skills of the ancients etc and in a way enjoy answering a question more than once and to be honest lots of topics overlap.

I'd say a month to wait wouldn't help retain folk but maybe a list of dos and donts that a newie has to tick a box against each before proceeding may work.


Feb 15, 2005
Silkstone, Blighty!
:twak: As long as moderators are firm on trolls, spamers, and flamers there should be no problem. A general member has to go to alot of effort to get themselves banned here and it is normally pretty clear why.
Surely you mean Spammers, what with Spamer being my surname! :cussing:



Feb 15, 2005
Silkstone, Blighty!
I think it was...

I have been looking for some time to get a pressure cooker for outdoor use.

The advantages are higher boiling point at altitude and faster cooking for general use.

The problem I am finding is that most modern pressure cookers have plastic external fittings which are not much good for use on a camp fire.

Does anyone know of an all metal make ? (seals obviously excluded)

Hah! hah! :lmao: Gary has a stalker!



White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
I think this has been a great thread and thanks for starting it:D If it were something that could be easily initiated and it would help filter out those that cause problems then it would be great and that's what the thread has talked about. For a while last year we moderated every new member, they couldn't post without us having a look to see if they were on the level (as far as we could tell) but it's unworkable.

Anyway, I think the main consideration i have is that we don't have a problem very often, it really is now and then, although it can be a big issue when it does happen:rolleyes: You guys are brilliant at letting us know something is going on and we get it sorted right quick, well usually!

The great thing about this sort of thread is it allows us to move ahead when needed, we've already been discussing pro's and con's we're getting an idea of what people think etc. IF we ever do need to really seriously consider steps I'll be reading through all this again a few times!

If people have more to contribute then get posting :D There's nothing in here that should offend anyone so please don't get uptight because the discussion has gone somewhere you don't like.

I could set it up so that the first forum people go to automatically is the intro forum, once they've posted there they can post through the rest of the forum. We would be able to tell a few things from how they described themselves....we could also ask for real names only on the forum...


Aug 9, 2004
Rotterdam (NL)
I wonder how effective it would be to ask for real names ... How do you want to check them? Maybe I'm not Johan - the internet is pretty anonymous. ;)
I know some of the trics used by the mods, but it doesn't filter all the unwanted ones out.

Another option is what Tony mentioned: setting up the forum in such a way new members have to post first into the intro-forum, before they can post in the other fora (or forums, whatever you fancy ;)).

1. You get a general idea about that person
2. It's easier to moderate one forum, rather then the 15+ we have on BCUK
3. Because there will be people who will not post (see Downside #2, below) - it eases some pressure of the system (like after a new RM series). Just have a look at the amount of members in the members list, who are not active whatsoever.

1. There will be people who will not join the rest, just because of they have to post in the intro-forum first.
2. <haven't got the foggiest :p >

I would like to add a step between joining and actual posting on BCUK (in some form already been discussed here ... somewhere ...) :
IIRC every new member does receive an BCUK e-mail.
What about if we added:
- a welcome text, incl. 'code of conduct' (only able to post after first post in intro-forum, only accessable with provided link; search function talk (with tips), link to rules & regs, etc.)

- an URL to a welcome page for new members where they can find FAQ on most asked topics (kit: knives, sleeping bag, billy, tarp, etc., where to camp, how to light a fire etc).

This welcome page should have all above info (including copy/paste text from e-mail), and a few buttons with something like:
- Introduce me (links to intro-forum)
- Search forum (but I can't post)
- Go to BCUK, I want to read through every single forum, but don't want to introduce myself, and I understand I can't make any posts before I've done this
(I know this doesn't fit on a small button, but you get the idea)

Using this page you:
- decrease the amount of nutters - it's just a bit more work
- decrease the amount of much repeated questions
- have some controle over the new members (fishtank >> pond)
- have showed the new members how to use the search function
- respect the new member, by not asking for his real name
- have no trial period (I don't think my system is a trial period, you can make it as long/short as you please as a new member)

I'm happy enough to write a welcome text with all info and details that should (according to me) be in it - if Admin wants me to. :)