My little Norway Trip, the highs and woe's. Pic heavy

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Mar 20, 2010
Taken: Used or considered necessary (continued)

Swedish cold weather hat, pile lined, supplied by Endicotts, water proofed with Fabsil, worn once, but taken in case the wind picked up or it rained/snowed.
Pocket SAS survival guide​, taken for reference, not used.
Shemagh, worn as a scarf, used to carry snow for melting.
Snood, thinner hat, neck warmer, impromptu filter.
Candle Lantern, and several tealight candles, was going to be used to light and warm the tent.
Large black bin liner, not used, intended as pack liner or emergency vapour barrier.
Ice Grippers, not used, but might have proven useful.
Self heating hand warmer, used in my sleeping bag.
Battery Pack, taken to charge phone and MP3 Player, tried to use it but the cable failed.
MP3 Player, used on second day to fill the silence.

Taken, not used, would be left behind or alternative taken in future.

, Luxe Mini Peak II, next time more likely to take a Hammock +Tarp, given the terrain it would have been more useful.
Crocs, might have used if the snow wasn't there, as it was they were a waste of space and weight.
Tent pegs, no use if you cant reach the ground.
900g Down Sleeping bag, intended as a liner if I were to cold, not used as I slept clothed, and given how the snow was difficult to keep out of my kit would have most likely been wet before to long. If I were to take another bag it would have to be a Softie Merlin 3, to me the same thermal value, same weight, and synthetic.
Fallkniven S1, taken originally as my primary knife, opted to use Mora instead, did not really need two knives.
Carry on Bag, didn't take up to much space, but 400g could have been saved if I used the side pouches instead, Taken to carry most of the extra kit listed above.
Softie Trousers, not used, the long johns and tracksuit bottoms were more than sufficient.

Should have Taken, would have made the space/weight work some-way.
Snow Shovel, available at less than a kilo in weight, would have made things a little easier.
Snow Shoes, would have made walking a lot easier, more packable than skis, and I don't know how to ski :)
A Hammock, would have made sleeping and resting a whole lot easier.
Milbank Bag, with a decent fire setup, would have made melting snow a little more pleasant, if slower.

Food was mainly flapjacks, Peperamis , belvita honey nut choc biscuits, two dehydrated meals, two ready to eat bacon and bean rations, noodles and instant mash, and two chorizos, and some snickers, figured around 3000 calories a day, weight came in at 5.4 kilos
I might be tempted to go to Norway again in the future, but unlikely on my own, and I would definitely see what the previous weeks weather had been like, ask a local the conditions and be better prepared, also change Kit to keep the weight down and consider only the essentials.
The trip helped me realise that my life isn't so bad, that when pushed I can function, and there is always an exit strategy, maybe not the one you want or with the best outcome, but a change can be made. I still feel down, sometimes really depressed, but I am learning to cope with it, and am trying to make changes without fear.

In the words of John Carter, "I Still Live"


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Feb 22, 2013
and I would definitely see what the previous weeks weather had been like, ask a local the conditions and be better prepared, also change Kit to keep the weight down and consider only the essentials.

Sounds like you learned the essentials.

As for weather:
South Norway: Assume and plan for snow on the ground from end of October to late April
North Norway: Assume and plan for snow from beginning of October to beginning of June.

The snow may evrything from hard, frozen load bearing that you can walk on top of in shoes, to a meter of wet slush that you sink to the waist in, and makes everything that comes in contact with it soaking wet, to fine dry powder that gets into every nook and cranny and then melts, and freezes. - and everything between.


Jan 2, 2006
Millport, Scotland
Great read, I enjoyed your honesty about the trip. One of these day's I'm going to have to head over there myself and experience it. It looks beautiful if a little cold. Thank you for sharing


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Dec 13, 2011
Northern Ireland
I really appreciated this write-up , as I do a lot of solo trips myself. Honest and thoughtful. Thanks for posting it, without any gloss.


May 22, 2011
march, cambs
Brilliant trip report mate!!
I really enjoyed it!!!

I too had low points on my Estonia trip but was so lucky to have great friends there so didn't last long!!

I have to say though I quite liked the water prep, yes it is a pain in the butt but to me it wasn't so bad.

Sounds like your next trip will be a complete success!! And even better if you share it with someone else!!



Oct 9, 2012
Great report and very honest :) for me the sign of a great explorer is having the courage to turn back

The issues you and bare thrills had collecting water made me think of Samuel Hearnes book "A Journey From Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean in the Years 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772".

The native people he was travelling with greatly prized steel implements. Knives and hatchets we all know but also they carried "Ice Chisels" I'm just wondering if this would be an answer. I would image a small crow-bar / pry-bar with the curved section removed and chisel point would be just the job for breaking through ice.



Jul 23, 2010
Lillesand, NO
Good read that. And i agree with the others, wise to head back when you did. If it´s not quite 100% it´s hard work.
I´ve spent quite a bit of time in both Nordmarka and Østmarka. It really is nice out there as long as you´re enjoying it.

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