My axe collection

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Jun 3, 2004
In a recent post about someone looking for a
Wetterlings Hudson Bay axe.
I commented saying that I had quite a few Gränsfors Bruks axes over the years and sold most of them off again.
I was asked which ones that I had decided to keep so thought it was a good opportunity to round up my axes and take a few pictures for people to see.

The only two Gränsfors ones that I kept are the mini Axe



So thought it might be good to share a few pictures of my little collection.

What have you got post them up ?

Cheers Russ
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Mar 29, 2016
I have been waiting for this, thanks Russ.

The Bushman axe, is something I missed out on, and kicking myself over. So out of the entire collection, which is the one you reach for the most?

I will post my offerings this weekend.


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Jun 3, 2004
To be honest two get more use than the others
And thats the Wetterlings mini it’s compact but fairly heavy ( more like a lump hammer ) used for splitting weathered Oak on my canoe camping trips mostly.
And my Gransfors mini it’s so small and compact and light that I take that for when I’m using any of my Fireboxes.

Cheers Russ
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Mar 13, 2019
Nice...If you are that into axes then I must share this poem with you by Gary Snyder. It's great if you can find the audio of him reading it.

I do like an axe. I had a Gransfors Gotland axe which I regret selling to this day. That list goes on and on mind you...

Axe Handles​

One afternoon the last week in April
Showing Kai how to throw a hatchet
One-half turn and it sticks in a stump.
He recalls the hatchet-head
Without a handle, in the shop
And go gets it, and wants it for his own.
A broken-off axe handle behind the door
Is long enough for a hatchet,
We cut it to length and take it
With the hatchet head
And working hatchet, to the wood block.
There I begin to shape the old handle
With the hatchet, and the phrase
First learned from Ezra Pound
Rings in my ears!
"When making an axe handle
the pattern is not far off."
And I say this to Kai
"Look: We'll shape the handle
By checking the handle
Of the axe we cut with—"
And he sees. And I hear it again:
It's in Lu Ji's Wên Fu, fourth century
A.D. "Essay on Literature"-—in the
Preface: "In making the handle
Of an axe
By cutting wood with an axe
The model is indeed near at hand."
My teacher Shih-hsiang Chen
Translated that and taught it years ago
And I see: Pound was an axe,
Chen was an axe, I am an axe
And my son a handle, soon
To be shaping again, model
And tool, craft of culture,
How we go on.
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Mr Wolf

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Jun 30, 2013
Nice, I reduced my collection and all I have left are:
Gb wilderness
Gb outdoor
Ct bad boys
Ct pack axe
Gb scandi
Oh and a spyderco hatchethawk
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