Lose your knife, lose your life!

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Have you ever had that awful sinking feeling when you tap your pocket or sheath to check your knife and find it isn't there?

It happened to me today. OK so it wasn't in the middle of the wilderness but in Sainsbury's car park and the knife was not a high end hand-made bushcraft fixed blade but an easily replacable SAK Camper. It has been part of my EDC for several years and lives on my key ring carabiner together with a match safe, whistle, mini-torch and small fireflash. But the feeling of vulnerability because of well laid plans going awry reminded me uncomfortably of my tendency to be over-reliant on kit and my sentimentality about items that have served me well for many years.

In my travelling kit I always have a spare knife and backups for other vital pieces of kit. I also know how to improvise in an emergency.

Thinking back, I realise I've probably lost more knives over the years than I've worn out and the few real treasures stay safely at home. It got me wondering how many of you out there have lost a knife or other treasured bit of kit and how you felt about it.

Actually my lost knife story has a weak ending: when I got home, it was lying on the drive way where it had fallen off the carabiner when I unclipped my car keys to drive to the supermarket.
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Apr 19, 2018
:):) I know .. .awful sensation, isn't it.

Two weeks ago at my brother in laws place for a barbecue, my SAK got called on, and I loaned it out. In the general fuss later, saying goodbye, leaving, I left it there.

I called later to check on its wherabouts and it had been put in a jar to be returned to me.

A few days later, BIL says if I fancied coffee, so we met up, he saying he'd bring said SAK ... only to show up saying it was now officially missing.

Not sure how this will play out .... :lol:
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I spent a weekend practicing traditional skills with Native Americans in the San Gabriel Mountains of California. I used my Fallkniven F1 a great deal. We smoked salmon, carved ceremonial canoe paddles, cooked bannock over the fire.

When I returned home I swear I unpacked the knife with my gear. But now, I have no idea where it is. I used my F1 for almost six years. And although there was nothing special about that particular F1, I felt as if I lost my best friend. :(

I now use a fancier (and more expensive) knife in my home area. But I purchased a new F1 to use when I travel abroad. My new F1 is just as nice as the old one, but not the same...

- Woodsorrel


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Dec 23, 2006
When I was about 8 years old I was bought my real first penknife whilst on holiday camping in Cornwall. The following year whilst camping in North Wales I lost it somewhere on the sand dunes. Now this was over 40 years ago and I still think about it every time I am back there, even looked for it a few times. Taught me lesson though, always make sure any knife is safely stored on me.
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Jun 14, 2016
When I went on a school trip to Switzerland (16) I bought myself a very nice SAK not sure of the model but it had everthing I wanted plus loads more. It also had a locking blade. It went everywhere with me when I could carry it. 10 years later I was using it during my PhD studies when unfortunately during a move between universities it vanished, never to be seen again. Meant an awful lot to me as it was the first knife I bought and I had a lot of good memories with it. Duke of Edinburgh, Holidays, Inter-railing around Europe etc. I never replaced it as it wouldn't have been the same but I wish I still had it.


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
Yes, losing knives can be very unfortunate and even fatal in the correct environment.
I eas taught from young age to always carry a spare knife, maybe smaller and lighter, but fully functional, when enjoying time with Mother Nature in the Swedish wilderness.

I have lost many knives, specially during my Army years, as those knives ( Made in Mora) had a green handle and the sheaths were either black or green.

As the blades were Stainless, I have wondered many times how many animals got injured on them

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Ettrick reiver

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Jan 7, 2017
When I was a trainee gamekeeper many years ago I used a WW2 jackknife that my Uncle Billy carried throughout the war. I was given it at the age of five and where I went, it went including to school. I was cutting up rabbits to bait Fenn traps and when I got to the last trap on my line it wasn’t in my pocket. Luckily I found it but the feeling of panic was sickening. It now sits safely in a drawer.
Ettrick Reiver


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May 23, 2014
My first Zippo left at someone's house and never seen again. I missed that lighter. I'd had since I was a small boy and as a smoker (in later years lol) one of my most used items

A once pristine Alan wood woodlore dropped in the snow and found weeks later.....i still can hardly even look at it tbh

A lovely hand made oak priest dropped on a drive one shoot day in the middle of a 30 acre wood.....found the next year laying in the leaf litter absolutely non the worse for wear

Think those are my most significant losses


Aug 30, 2006
Nr Chester
Few pleasures quite like finding a lost loved item. My Rob Evs blade spent a year outdoors in the woods only to be found again by my nephew.


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Jun 29, 2012
My first ever SAK, gifted to me in Switzerland by my parents when I was 6 years old. Lost it as a teenager, found it back when I was 25 years old in company of some GI Joe's when I was looking for them for my nephew to play with. Best day ever. Cleaned it up and framed it with a picture of me, 6 years old, peeling a stick with the SAK in Switzerland ☺


Jun 22, 2009
South Wales
My first SAK, bought for me by my dad while on holiday on Jersey, went overboard while we were fishing a few years later. It's the only knife I've ever lost.


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Feb 10, 2019
Have you ever had that awful sinking feeling when you tap your pocket or sheath to check your knife and find it isn't there?
No, but I did have an awful sinking feeling when I tapped my jacket pocket when in a large city known for its knife crime and realised I hadn't taken a fixed blade knife out of it after returning from my last camping trip.
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Jul 24, 2017
Lost my mind at a fair few raves, best thing I ever did! :D As for a knife no not one, did lose a nice zippo, was a bit grating as it was from a mate who moved to South Africa.


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Jan 10, 2006
A non name penknife, got behind my parents backs by my Uncle.

Im sure its in my boxes somewhere, and live in hope I will find it someday

Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
My first knife was a girl guide one. When I became patrol leader it was presented to me. Never knew what happened to it. There was a blade one end and a marlin spike the other. I have several different knives now and I'd probably never use it , but I often wonder about trying to find another. Hmmm! Kit monkey virus strikes again !!!!! :) :) resist!...... resist !