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Oct 27, 2011
Hi there. I am not really a bushcrafter, but I do enjoy this sort of thing and am slooooowwwllyy going through the process of settling into a new home and am contemplating various permaculture fun things to do. This will include mushroom cultivation for food, as well as vegetables for food, both indoor and outdoor growing for both. I am researching how to use my tiny garden constructively to be able to do just that and am looking for creative inspiration as well as fun ideas for when I go on camping trips. In general I feel that inspiration needs to be gained from a wide variety of different sources so this is to be one place where I can go to think more about fun things like campfires and food.
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Apr 16, 2003
Good to have you NickD goodjob

There's a few people on here with the same interests so you're not alone, it's well worth looking at the Homestead forum HERE there's some very knowledgable people in there.

Enjoy the site

Ha ha, I just saw that you've already jumped in on the Homesteading forum, good for you :bigok:

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