Leather Key Fobs

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Jan 23, 2009
It's getting close to Christmas (as if you needed reminding), and as we are entertaining my sister and her family on the big day, my thoughts turned to crackers. It doesn't seem to matter how much you spend, it seems that all crackers contain, basically, a load of tat. So I managed to get a make your own cracker kit, and made these leather key fobs to go in them.
Fobs 1 by Alan Muddypaws, on Flickr

Fobs 2 by Alan Muddypaws, on Flickr

These were all made from offcuts from a previous project. I did a little bit of leather tooling, so that everyone should receive a favourite animal. I'm no artist, but Google images is very helpful for finding simple line drawings of the various animals, suitable for leather tooling. The colour palette is limited to the leather dyes that I possess.

So hopefully my family will get something nice out of their crackers this year.

Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
That's a great idea. I too make crackers out of loo rolls, write my own (very old and cheezy ) jokes and wrapping paper crowns. Also a few wrapped sweets such as éclairs or heros. It's good fun to search out charity shop goodies to go inside too. Making things for inclusion is a great idea. Not making them this year but I will remember this for next time. I'm always making things so it should be easy enough. It's great to get away from the commercial overpriced tat.