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Aug 9, 2004
Rotterdam (NL)
The clear out continues!!!!

Selling my Scout + assorted pouches as I’ll be moving house next year. It’s not getting used enough to justify it laying around in the cupboard.

Price for full package: GBP 400,00

Free P&P signed for, to your doorstep

Currently not interested in splitting

The Scout:
- Multicam
- 1000D cordura fabric
- No grommets
- Omnibelt (size small: 28-33), unpadded with PALS
- Aluminium stays
- Volume: 21,3 liters
- Weight: 0,9 kg
- Dimensions: 38cm wide x 40cm tall x 15cm deep
- Comes with Coyote zipped pouch that can be hanged inside the Scout

Although the belt is a size Small, there is plenty of room left on the belt (webbing) for someone with a size 34 and maybe even 36. For reference: I’m a size 32 Levi’s Jeans.

The Scout is no langer available from Kifaru , as they discontinued it some time ago and was replaced by their Hellcat.

I bought it in July 2015. It’s used on quite a few local trips and some summer overnighters , It is in excellent condition. From pet and smoke free home. No stains, rips or tears.

In this sale:
1. Kifaru Scout, as described above
2. Kifaru belt pouch, multicam x2 - can be placed on the belt or place 1 on the top lid
3. Kifaru belt pouch, multicam x1 - fits up to 9 individual dried meals (Adventure Food)
4. Kifaru Sling, for when you decide not to use the harnass system
5. British Army General Purpose Pouch (BCB made), multicam x4
6. Kifaru Role Top Pod (coyote), see YouTube for more info on these. This size can hold a puffy jacket with ease or a summer sleeping bag

I’ll through in 2x Water bottle pouch (multicam) for free as I cut off a strap of both pouches, as that turned out a beter working pouch for me in this configuration.

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