Sold Kifaru Urban Zippy w/ extras

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Aug 30, 2011
South West UK
Grudgingly, I've got a brand new Kifaru Urban Zippy to go as well as a few accessory pouches.

I picked this up a few months back, loaded it up to check everything was as should be (I've had three of these before) and then stored it. As such it has been tried on but is brand new. I've unclipped the compression and waist strap but they just hook back in via the usual kifaru system.

Also included are 3 x Kifaru XL pullouts (ranger green, coyote tan and wolf grey). These have been loaded up with rolled up clean clothes, once or twice, to check. These are sized perfectly to the Urban Zippy's shape, meaning it's easy to pull them out of the side slot and get a jacket / extra supplies, best utilising the functions of the bag. I think you could probably get four of these in the UZ but three means you have a chunk of space a good sized jacket and some odds and sods.

Additionally there's a Kifaru large belt pouch (ranger green) that attaches to the patches on the front of the bag, giving you a good sized front pocket (around 4.5-5 litres). This has been mounted and unmounted a couple of times and had some bits and bobs thrown in to check.

Lastly, also included is one of the Kifaru Omni frame sheets (this is the model that appears to be reinforced with round carbon fibre rods rather than the old flat aluminium). This slots into the hydration / laptop sleeve and attaches into the fixings of the pack, eliminating the number one complaint with this pack. Additionally, it's easy enough to remove if you want a lightweight and malleable pack.


1 x Kifaru Urban Zippy (Ranger Green),
1 x Chamber pocket (Coyote brown)
1 x Kifaru Omni frame sheet
3 x XL Pullouts (Ranger green, coyote brown, wolf grey).
1 x Belt pouch (Ranger green, size large)


I've been waiting for some good natural light to try and get the colour of this pack right but you're probably better looking at pics on Kifaru's site. It's a ranger green with a lighter green-ish coyote contrast trim which gives it a slightly less military look. My pictures have come out more grey than I'd say it looks in person.







I'm after £275 inc postage to the UK for all of the above. Cost of the items above was £320 odd plus hefty shipping and tax, so quite the saving.

I'm not after any trades or really wanting to split any of the stuff above, at this time.
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