Jokkmokk Winter Market 2017 - The Return

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Jan 5, 2013
SE Wales
As good a report as I've had the pleasure of reading; next best thing to being there.......Thank you for this.

Red Fox

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Dec 31, 2012
Absolutely fantastic work when will we see you book it's definitely needs thinking about .I am thinking I need to get back out their


Oh yes, I forgot to include this in my report.

One of the great things about visiting the Sámi Duodji foundation is getting access to their library.

a book that caught my eye there this time was this.

It's in Swedish but is absolutely packed with fascinating illustrations and photographs.

Google translate makes a pretty good job of any translations I need.

Anyway, it's out of print now so we had to check out some second hand bookshops in Stockholm.

One shop, Alfa Antiquariat, actually did a book search and directed us to a rival bookseller that actually had it in stock. Top service that I thought deserved mentioning.

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