Sold Jerven Exclusive & 60 g/m2 liner

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Nov 20, 2020
Hi, never posted on your community before so please excuse me if I get this wrong.

I am selling my Jerven Fjellduken Exclusive together with zip out liner of the 60 g/m2 weight. This is the lighter of the two options that Jerven sell. I am not selling them separately.

I bought them via eBay in 2016 and have barely used them. I was after the flexibility of the liner system over the Original bag. The previous owner apparently had it to review. Since then to my shame I’ve only bivvied in a back garden twice using it and had a few picnics wrapped up inside it. It’s therefore completely underused and I can’t justify keeping it. It has become a bit of an ongoing joke for my wife though.

The exclusive has an extra zip integrated to allow for a liner to be zipped inside or not. The bag comes complete with belt, pouch, armings and rescue flag. The liner is within it’s own bag with compression straps.

The bag has been kept inside the pouch and likewise the liner but not compressed. They seem extremely well made.

I can’t find damage to any of it.

Sold 26/11/20

I would like to receive £165 via PayPal for the bag and liner & this includes the PayPal fee and postage by Parcelforce.

Thanks for your time.


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