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  1. P

    Sold Jerven Exclusive & 60 g/m2 liner

    Hi, never posted on your community before so please excuse me if I get this wrong. I am selling my Jerven Fjellduken Exclusive together with zip out liner of the 60 g/m2 weight. This is the lighter of the two options that Jerven sell. I am not selling them separately. I bought them via eBay in...
  2. Sub5mango

    Hunka vs British Army bivi bag

    Has anyone used the alpkit hunka bivi bags and got any pros/cons? I'm torn between getting a Hunka XL or a British Army "goretex" one. I'll be using it in winter with a 7cm mat (inside) and 4 season sleeping bag. The Hunka is half the weight but theoretically less waterproof/breathable/durable.
  3. Sub5mango

    Poles for macpac bivi

    Has anyone got any spare poles for an old macpac cocoon bivi? Or where I could get some (I've emailed macpac)? Or an alternative replacement?
  4. Sub5mango

    Bivi bag condensation

    How much condensation should I expect on the inside of a bivi bag? Last night I slept my first night out in a bivi bag (in the garden!) I'm in the UK. There was a heavy dew and overnight lows were 7°c/ 45°f. My face was completely out of the bag. I was cosy warm but not hot. Inside of bivi was...
  5. Tagaeri

    Price drop: US Army cotton-duck sleeping bag cover/bivvy bag

    I have for sale my genuine unissued olive green US Army sleeping bag cover/bivvy bag made from tough water-repellant cotton-duck. The cover should fit over any US military mummy sleeping bag (wool, mountain, Intermediate Cold Weather or Extreme Cold Weather) or indeed most civilian mummy-style...
  6. Angst

    Camo Cordura Tarp Compression Bag With Tent Peg Pocket

    Hi...following on from the axe bag I wanted to make for myself I've now made this for my British Army basha as the standard issue ones are completely carp as everyone knows...ok, they're small and light but they're also slippery, too small, difficult to use and to me, not good enough as I've...
  7. Tagaeri

    US Army Goretex bivvy bag

    Selling my US Army Goretex bivvy bag in woodland camo. It's an unissued one of these: They're used in the US Army's four-piece modular sleep systems. Thick three-layer Goretex - really tough! All zips, fastenings, etc...
  8. R

    SLEEPING BAG OMG WHICH ONE?!?! AM I STUPID?!? (I can also write in lower case).

    Right some frustration. I have. I go camping in the woods with mates. It's great. I have one massive problem tho and this is it - I don't know what sleeping bag to get. Now, I have a Carinthia Defence 4 which is arguably an amazing bag. I brought it because it was water repellent, light...
  9. Partickpebbles

    Another Night in our Wood!

    So Friday despite the showers, Resnikov, me another mate revisited our Permissioned wood. It had been a month since our last visit and the good weather had certainly promoted growth. The Canopy what far fuller and so supressed the daylight more than before. It was strange sitting in a dark...
  10. M

    Cheap tarp and bivi?

    Desperately looking for some advise and idea's on quality but cheap tarp and bivi. links much appreciated. :D thanks
  11. Leonidas

    FOR SALE: Bivi Bags x 2 (OD and DPM Spec Forces)

    Two bivi bags for sale. Issue bivi bag OG wide opening £35 +£1.95 P+P TRADED Issue bivi bag DPM LARGE (Spec Forces) Wide opening £40 +£1.95 P+P (Used this in the Arctic Feb 2010, it's huge) SOLD First PM secures, payment by paypal (Gift) within 24 hours please or item goes back on sale...
  12. H

    Terra Nova Titan Bivy Bag

    Maybe some of you know I was searching for a bivy bag a few months ago. Well I chose for the Terra Nova Titan because of the weight and the materials. It's quite an expensive bivy (I bought it for 279,99£ :eek:) but it's wort the money, this is my opinion. You can see some pictures of it with...