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  1. P

    Sold Jerven Exclusive & 60 g/m2 liner

    Hi, never posted on your community before so please excuse me if I get this wrong. I am selling my Jerven Fjellduken Exclusive together with zip out liner of the 60 g/m2 weight. This is the lighter of the two options that Jerven sell. I am not selling them separately. I bought them via eBay in...
  2. kard133

    For Sale Tarps, a sleeping bag and a Jerven

    All prices include recorded delivery. In no particular order Sold Jerven Fjellduken Hunter, used twice, guaranteed waterproof, a fantastic bit of kit but not getting any use, so yours for £200 by paypal or bank transfer. Sold Sold Carinthia Tropen, good bag, used for maybe six nights, works...
  3. kard133

    BE-X FronTier One Rugged Reflective Bivy Tarp, or, a budget Jerven Exclusive

    Caught up in the endless cycle of kit evaluation, re-evaluation, envy and curiosity that afflicts so many of us, I considered buying a Jerven Fjellduken Hunter or exclusive. Like many I balked at the price, even though I have a Fjellduken original which I consider a worthwhile purchase, the...
  4. Pignut

    The Jerven Bag

    I have seen these mentioned in a recent post, and looked on there website. I am a little confused. Are these a sleeping bag? Shelter? allof the above? I presume you would need a Jerven Bag Thermo as i think the Jerven Bag origional is just a shell? Anyone use one? what are they like in use?