Is a leatherman skeletool legal carry?

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Apr 27, 2005
So you are carrying a "fixed" blade while cycling to work because it comes bundled with other useful tools which you may need to work on the bike. When you get to work, you continue to carry your "fixed" blade, not because your work requires a knife that does not fold, but because the knife (and bundled tools) are too expensive to leave with your bike?

What have I not understood?

I must be misreading your post because while that makes logical sense taken on its own, it doesn't make sense to me within my understanding of the present legal situation.

Sorry, think I may have misled you slightly. I carry the Leather-man when cycling so I would either be stopped with the bike or shopping etc. I do not actually carry the Leather-man into work at all because it stays with the bike in a secure area.

It is a bike tool is the excuse and I would have evidence to back that up at the time like a helmet.

C_clay makes sense here. Minotaur, you are a perfect canditate to get some leasure time courtesy of the Queen.....

I always have had a fixed blade in the tool roll in every car we own and have owned, but they are stashed away.
Plus an axe.

4 blades on your bod sounds like potential trouble with the Law...

If I may ask, Minotaur, if you should be stoppped and searched, what would be your excuse?
Only one knife needs an excuse under current law. The Swiss army knife and the leather-man used to be alternatives due to this law. The Rough Rider is my edc knife. The key ring knife is new and may end up in the knife drawer due to this conversation.