How do you upload photos to the forum ?

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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
I know there are other threads on this topic, but I'm kind of hoping that we might get some input from those who seem to manage it effortlessly.

I admit I struggle. I keep getting messages about my images being too large, etc., and in the past few days I've had three members contact me asking for help with this subject.

I replied with what help I could, and I wrote that, "I am tempted to start a thread about posting photographs and let everyone chip in with their tuppence ha'penny worth of advice. Some folks seem to do it so effortlessly." , and was encouraged to do just that.

So, what do you use, and how do you upload photos ? and do you have any advice for others ?

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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
OK, as a full member I just upload the photos into my posts directly from my PC. I don't particularly like hosting sites holding my photos - especially ones that come with loads of advertising.

BUT I prepare my photos first. First thing, there is no point in a photo that will only be displayed on a screen having more pixels in it than screen can display, so I use a photo editor to resample the picture so that it is only 2056 pixels on the longest edge; that's reduced from 6000 pixels in my case (the other dimension is reduced proportionally automatically).

Then, I reduce the file size of the image by saving it with a 25% compression - again, all photo editing tools will allow that.

The resulting photo is now only 400KB instead of 7MB depending on how well the photo compresses - that's around 1,500 times smaller! - and will upload quickly with virtually no discernible loss of quality (on the screen).
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Aug 18, 2005
I attach files from my desktop thru the forum but I mainly use Imgur and post links.

Most of my pics are Jpeg and are around 50 -100 Kb. I think in the past the problems start when the file are too big like plus 10MB. On my pixel the images are compressed because they get backed up to GDrive automatically.

So If i copy an image from a website and save it to my laptop, the size is normally quite small.
I can send it to imgur or attach direct to a thread.

Recently I have been having problems uploading directly from my phone to imgur so was emailing it to myself and saving it that way.

I have since discovered Your phone companion from microsoft with windows 10 which connect to the phone and can instantly save to desktop and edit that way.

If you want I can type up a guide to using imgur, (generating links, etc) but it will take a bit of work and time.

So i just up loaded 2 pics. The slow cooker is 48KB and the label is 13.8 MB, both had no trouble.


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