Sold Hennessy Hammock - Expedition Classic. Super Shelter insulation system. Hex Fly tarp

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Oct 6, 2003
All SOLD now, thanks folks.

The following three item sets really would work well together, but I am listing them separately. If someone wants all of them together, we can come to some arrangement for combining postage. If there are any small concerns that hold you back, drop me a line.

Reason for sale is that I got another hammock, and I have sewn my own tarps, and my own underquilt. I don't need the extras and it would be good for them to go to someone who will continue using them.



Hennessy Expedition Classic hammock.
Asymmetrical, bottom entry.
£75 including postage to UK addresses

Comes with original fly sheet, Snake Skins, 2" webbing tree hugger straps.
Original 6mm suspension has been replaced with 3mm Dynema core sailing control line (call it 425kg breaking strength). Throw in the 1" polypro webbing tree huggers I used. Internal ridgeline replaced with Marlow Excel Pro.

Recommended max height of sleeper, 6 foot. I myself am 5'8" and around 180lb and it all worked well for me.


I did re-install the zip-tied coverings for the lashings, this is just to to show the job, and how easy it is to change suspension, and the step down in bulk from the original cord.

Hennessy Super Shelter #1.
For Expedition Classic. Sil-nylon UnderCover, 2x foam Underpads.
£70 including postage to UK addresses

Comes with stuff sack for smooth foam Underpad and Undercover. The waffle-pattern foam pad was purchased as an extra and being thicker does not fit the original stuff sack. If a stuff sack is a deal breaker, I am willing to make one at a nominal cost.


Hennessy Hex Rainfly 70D PU coated polyester
£35 including postage to UK addresses
Does not come with guy lines or stuff sack, although we can discuss my making a stuff sack if needed.



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