snake skins

  1. Tipi

    Sold Hennessy Hammock Deluxe Explorer A-sym

    Selling my Hennessy as I think im just too tall for it. Its rated to 7" and i am that, but i just cant get comfy in it. Comes with: 2 original tree huggers at 108cm 2 home made tree huggers at 225 (stitched with heavy duty thread on my singer 29k to the same pattern as the originals and ive...
  2. M

    My Frst Sewing Project

    My Mother-In-Law donated an old sewing machine she doesn't use any more and on Saturday I set it up in an attempt to figure out how to use it. Failing miserably having sat looking at the manual and the machine for about a half hour I gave up and phoned my Mum. Mums are great aren't they...