"Help for Heroes" - Charity Auction #2 - New Custom Bushcraft Knife

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British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Guys, in aid of the charity "Help for Heroes" - which aims to care for wounded service personnel, Bernie Garland has made an amazing offer. This is for a new, custom made Bushcraft knife.

Bernie makes and sells great knives - see for yourself

The knife is:

Overall Length: 220mm

Blade: 110mm x 27mm x 4mm thick

Handle: 110mm

Its made in O1 tool steel - Scnady ground to a 15 degree angle

The sheath is 5mm veg tanned hide - this equates to "bomb proof" in my view!

Hers a link to one of Bernies knives on E-bay with a lot more photos


If you have ever wanted a cracking, handmade custom knife - in your choice of right or left handed sheath, where you get to choose the scale material etc., now is your chance. These knives sell for more than £200 a piece.

Here, on this auction, for a fantastic charity, you get to bid.

The money goes to charity - the details of the cause are here:


Bids should be registered on this thread and start at...£1.

WON by Diamond Dave!


If you would like to know more about the cause "Help for Heroes" - please look here


If you would like to help, please consider one of the following options:

1) Bid on this item
2) Just make a donation on the links above - anything - that cup of coffee you are about to buy at work would be more than enough
3) If you feel as I do, perhaps you would consider auctioning something yourself. Your time, an item, a surplus thing in your "glory hole", something you have made, a guided walk - whatever you can spare.
4)Shake the hand of a service man or woman and just say "thank you - I am proud to have met you"

Thank you for taking time to read this thread



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Sep 21, 2005
I'm in (will think of what I can add to the 'catalogue') so to get this moving, and I better be outbid alright!



Jun 2, 2007
North Surrey
Another great knife. I'll stick with auction one for now, but I can see it going well beyond my reach, in which case I might come back to this one.


Jan 8, 2007
kings lynn, norfolk
not sure if its gonna help much but year after year my folks put on a walk in xmas display i have just got them to go with the charity (whatever they raise) along with the local air ambulance they raise for i hope this will help a good cause :D :D i think they are glad that i made it back in one piece

British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Strange is good!

I've had a note from Bernie saying he believes that £200 is a very fair price for one of his knives and would like to end the auction. That way he can get the knife made up in time for Christmas (which is a lovely thought)

So on that basis, congratulations Dave! If you can PM Bernie, you can make arrangements to collect your prize. If you PM Bernie a note when H4H has your folding notes, he'll make the delivery arrangements.

Gentlemen all - including the gallant losers - my personal thanks for a lovely gesture and great contributions to a worthy cause!

To the unsuccesful, I believe there will be a couple of other interesting items along in due time - can't say too much but watch this space!