Hello from a student.

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Jul 28, 2020
The Masters is not about the industry, or skills per say, but the philosophical and theoretical contexts available through the assemblage of experiences available through it.

It looks at areas such as environmental anthropology, ethnobiology and colonialism for example.

One area I will be focussing on is Post Humanism and New Materialism for Transformative bushcraft.

As someone said above, it is less about directly transferable skills into the bushcraft industry, most of us have been around it and teaching in it for decades, and more for those looking at the research opportunities in practice, creating critical conversations around the concept of ‘nature’ and exploring different perspectives for Traditional Ecological Knowledge.
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Jan 11, 2011
Hi :)

Its great to see this forum is still active. I was a member 10+ years ago :)

I have just been accepted onto a Masters programme at the University of Cumbria, following their new Bushcraft pathway.

There are sure to be a number of areas that it would be really interesting to hear about your experiences in and views on.

Looking forwarding to learning with you all.

Hi Paul.
Never knew Uni of Cumbria had one of those. Are you based Ambleside or Carlisle/Lancaster?
I'm in Kendal if you fancy a pint sometime.
Cheers, Simon


Mar 5, 2018
I think, if one really wants to, one can create a business from most hobbies.
Like a tennis trainer does it.

And I myself did it.

I currently can't do that in consequence of the Corona Virus, but for the last years I travelled with rucksack, railway and bus lines all around France and Germany, sometimes together with a colleague in his car too.

I stopped in little towns, went on the camping grounds, put up my tent there, hanged for one or two days concert posters in the doors of the shops of the old town shopping streets, brought them to Restaurants and shops in the neighbourhood too, of course also to every touristical interesting point like castels and churches and hanged them in the end into the restaurants and bars at the beach or wherever. If the weather is unfriendly I am free to use a youth hostel, hotel or private bed and breakfast room.

I like traveling and walking around in old towns, I like camping and swimming in lakes, pools and in the sea. And fortunately I get payed for it. I don't earn horribly much by doing that but enough to be glad with it.

Others would be payed for walking 15 to 30 kilometres a day and hang up the posters. But that I easily can do and so I am pretty well payed for making holydays.

I think it's just that you have to think about what you want to do and just do it!

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