Withdrawn Hand turned Bowls and Plates

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May 27, 2008
Turned from windblown local spalted sycamore, lovely rustic, characterful bowls and plates,three of each available.

I have used mine for eating at camp for years, did sterling service at the weekend for steak and veg, curry and rice, and a big bowl of porridge, not all in the same meal though of course !!!

Wash in warm soapy water after use and leave to dry, wipe on a little walnut oil now and again if you fancy or just leave to age and patina naturally.

Bowls are approximately 8" to 9" diameter and 2.5 " to 3" deep, plates are approximately 10" diameter, all finished with walnut oil.

Plates £20 each, bowls £30 each, plus postage at cost



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Dec 20, 2013
Very nice work indeed. You've inspired me to get my carving set out this dank afternoon rather than succumb to the DVD that's been sitting next to the TV for a fortnight. Thanks, and keep up the carving.
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