Hammock bliss sky bed bug free review

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Bushcrafter through and through
Jan 12, 2011
I recently took delivery of a "hammock bliss sky bed bug free" after a couple of emails with Dov, the owner over in the US. At £85 delivered, it sits squarely between the Dd and tw range spanning the gap to the ukhammocks woodsman X, Hennessy range and warbonnet blackbird hammocks.

I was looking for an all in one hammock with insect protection that I could use a sleeping pad in, this met that criteria and my price point. The promise of a very flat sleep swung it for me.

I already have a down UQ and a snugpak cocoon but I didn't want to buy more insulation for the rare occasions that I may take both my boys hammocking. Making use of my sleeping pad seemed a cost effective way of covering all my bases and this hammock seemed to tick all my boxes.

My Hammock history:
I currently own 2 other hammocks. A tw super xl, a tw grey hornet. Prior to that I had a dd travel. I have tried out a dd frontline and a Hennessy asym deluxe. I use the super xl in the winter with the cocoon and the grey hornet is reserved for my boys. Like the other hammocks I've had and tried in that style I don't get as comfy in the hornet as the diagonal is more restrictive. Although saying that the tw hornet is the best of the bunch compared to the dd I had.

First thing I did was swap out the stock climbing ropes for whoopie slings and added a structural ridge line. The stock ropes seem sturdy enough and are reminiscent of those that ship with the hennessy range. Nothing wrong with them, but whoopies are lighter and easier to use. I also added an SRL as it protects the midge net from over tightening and allows me to dial in the perfect hang every time.

Here's a shot of it setup, I pitched the tarp higher than normal to give me some head room to take photos

Pitching it, the first thing you notice is how long it is. At 360cm flat I needed to pitch my tarp in diamond formation to cover the ends. The tarp is 3m x 3m.


Hanging the hammock is no more complicated than any other gathered end hammock. The midge net also comes with a neat tuck away suspension system but I found it wasn't needed.

(You can also see one of the 4 interior hanging loops). The net itself is tough and the holes are midge proof, the overall quality of the fabric (rip stop nylon), stitching and reinforcements is very good. It feels extremely durable.


The entry is via a double YKK zipper on one side only.

A good zip, but it lacks a pocket to tuck away the zip pulls, could midges get through the gap between the two? The net itself is not sealed at the gathered ends but is held together by the suspension pulling the ends tight. Another possible midge entry point? Will have to wait and see, could always shove a sock in each end if it became a problem.

Up at each end there's also a hanging loop for a bag, torch etc.

And 2 hanging loops on the net itself as well as a generous pocket with 2 sections

Once hung you have to put a mat into the integrated sleeve (self inflating or foam) to get the best out of the hammock. My mat is a weight and space saving coffin style one

So it didn't take up the full sleeve width at the foot end. Even so the hammock was still very comfy.

Inserting the mat into the sleeve is easy when the mat is inflated


The sleeve has a envelope flap to lock the mat in place and a handy access point to inflate the mat further if needed.

Getting in is easy. Just sit on the head end and swing yourself around


It's very comfy, very flat. I'd like to compare it to a bridge hammock but not having tried one out I can only say there's absolutely no calf ridge ridge or banna'ing. You do end up with a wall of material to your left which some may find a little claustrophobic but none of the dreaded shoulder squeeze. Side sleepers will be happy to note that this is also easy, however I did feel uncomfortable on my stomach, but then generally I don't get comfy that way so it may not be the hammock to blame.

The view from the hammock is good out of both sides


I could've stayed all day, but I had to go home and cook chilli.

More details:


about £85 delivered from the US but additional customs charges may be incurred.

Alternative options:
Sky bed (no net)

Pack size:

Entry type:
side zip (one side only)

Bug net type:
noseeum midge proof. Not removable.

Double YKK

Sleeping angle:
diagonal head at zipper, feet to the left as you are lying down.

Interior storage options:
2 mesh pockets, loops at each end, loops at net suspension points

Exterior storage:
Drawstring bag that becomes the hammock stuff sack

Suspension type:
Supplied with climbing rope, no tree straps supplied

Net suspension pockets
4 interior hanging loops
2 tuck away net suspension cords with Velcro pockets
Integrated pad pocket
Unique asym Multi panel construction

Dimensions (not hung):360 cm x 145cm
Hammock Weight:900g
Weight limit:tested to: 175k

Sky Bed Bug Free takes insect free hammock camping to a whole new level. Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free is the world's first truly FLAT gathered end hammock complete with built in bug protection. Using an innovative asymmetric design, the Sky Bed Bug Free provides an amazingly flat and comfortable relaxation space. The sleep space is defined by a silver parachute nylon sleeve, which will accommodate most any sleeping pad on the market. Using your sleeping pad in the Sky Bed Bug Free provides thermal protection and helps to create the stunningly flat sleeping surface. The attached No-See-Um mesh has 2100 holes per square inch and will repel every bug in the book. The netting is also super strong and resists snags and tears. The Sky Bed is made from super strong rip stop nylon, which is reinforced with webbing at all of the seams. Weighing in a only 32 oz and complete with 100 inches of 6mm climbing rope on each end, Sky Bed Bug Free is the most comfortable and most insect free camping hammock in the world.

I'm very pleased with it. I think it'll be my go to camping hammock. The real test will be spending the night in it but I don't foresee any issues.

comfy, very flat lay
Durable and well made
No need for expensive under quilt
Storage options
Good all in one solution
Competative price
Good view

Big, needs a large tarp
Doesn't come with tree straps
Not ultra light
May be stung by import charges
Very small chance midges may get in?
Only really works with a mat

Many mozzies died making this review, but even more were extremely well

Any questions let me know.

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Aug 25, 2011
Thanks for doing the review Mike.

I'm a little puzzled though as the pics would suggest to me it's a "lefty" rather than feet to the right.


Bushcrafter through and through
Jan 12, 2011
Thanks for doing the review Mike.

I'm a little puzzled though as the pics would suggest to me it's a "lefty" rather than feet to the right.

May be my terminology but as you get in your head goes left and your feet go right. So your head is at the zip on the left and your feet on the other side on the right. Looking down the hammock your head is indeed on the right and feet on the left.
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Nov 19, 2013
Luton, Bedfordshire
Mike, many thanks for a great review, very thorough and informative.

I'm a ground dweller at the moment but will probably try swinging (as seems to be 'the usual' evolutionary path) so reviews like this are very helpful as there are of course many opinions about which hammock is best and why etc.

Could I ask you to update your review with your views after an extended period of use and also with some pictures of someone in the hammock (taken from the outside) to give a good idea of space/ headroom etc?

Once again many thanks for your excellent review, enjoy your hammock.goodjob



Bushcrafter through and through
Jan 12, 2011
Will do Steve. I think this would be a good hammock for someone moving up from ground dwelling as it means you can reuse your sleep pad easily. In most hammocks, pads are a bit of a struggle to use.

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