Grisport boots - any good?

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Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 14, 2008
I am looking at a new pair of safety boots for work and spotted a good deal on grisport contractor boots. S3 and about 700g size 8 plus they look narrow in fit as you'd expect with Italian boots. Apparently Volvo and coca cola gives their employees this boot. Most popular in Europe but I've not found any reviews only a few for their hiking boots.

Does anyone know much about the brand? I've seen it in an outdoor retailer decades ago but I have no idea of the quality of the brand.

It sounds light for a fully waterproof, leather s3 safety boot at 1400g for a size 8. I'm size 9 so slightly heavier but a lot less than most other boots with s3 rating in full leather at nearer 1600g. I do a fair amount of walking and if it's rained much I'm likely to be wading through water sooner or later so full wr status is good.

If anyone knows whether their safety or hiking boots are well made or not I'll probably get them if your view is positive. Thanks!

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