Go With Noakes End Tune????

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I know that many of the members here will have no idea who John Noakes was, however I'm hoping that some of the older folk might be able to help me with finding the title of the end tune from his "Go With Noakes" series of truly excellent and inspiring programs back in the 80's.

The opening tune was of course "On Ilkley Moor Ba Tat" apparently played by the Black Dyke Mills Brass Band but the end tune was a fantastic march that after almost a year of searching, I simply cannot find either the title or a full length recording.

its the last 30 odd seconds I'm after!

I've tried several music recognition apps, none of which have been any use at all.

Thanks in advance and a very happy new year to all.

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Jan 18, 2009
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The web site Telivision Tunes just lists it as the "Go With Noakes" theme tune so it's possible it was a piece recorded just for the show. I'd completely forgotten it to be honest :)


From Wikepedia:

The theme-tune for the series was 'On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at' ('On Ilkley Moor, without a hat'), a popular Yorkshire folk song sung to the tune of the hymn 'Cranbrook'. It was a reference to Noakes's own Yorkshire heritage. The end theme though was a different tune.
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Well I tried emailing the band and for some reason they wouldn't accept my email! I also looked at the "messenger" box thing but that turned out to be facebook and I don't do facebook.
So still hoping someone can come up with the title!




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Feb 13, 2016
You could give the Bands Secretary a ring or send him a text, bearing in mind that it is 40 years ago since the programme aired, but I am sure he could help you..
John O'Brien +44 (0)7976 825451


Jun 29, 2014
I cannot help you with the tune but I do remember John Noakes fondly and did once do the Liffey Descent - so I enjoyed watching your link. :)


Apr 19, 2018
You should write to the BBC asking ... you might get a Blue Peter badge into the bargain :)

Over the years I have often written to them asking the oddest questions and never failed to get a full reply with extra details I didn't expect and from someone clearly delighted that anyone is taking an interest in their history at any level. First time I did was when I was 14 and had to write a project about the use of computers in a business, so, I wrote to them and the guy who then ran the BBC's computing department, such as it was in 1975, maintained a patient and encouraging dialogue.

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Well, I tried contacting the BBC and as of today have not had any response. You'd think they could at least acknowledge your enquiry but............

However, last night . on returning from 14 hours of factory toil, I logged on and there was an email from song of the paddle, saying that a member had information on the music and in fact had actually been playing it as part of the Cowes Concert Band last week!
I could hardly believe my eyes, especially after contacting the secretary of the Black Dyke Band and drawing a blank but all credit and thanks to "Fadcode" on here who gave me the relevant contact details and of course to John O'Brien for making the effort to check and then reply to me:)

Anyway, the Go with Noakes "outro" is actually the middle section of a piece called: "Rovers Return"! Apparently its a solid favourite of brass and silver bands all over the place!?!
I haven't been able to find a digital copy yet and there aren't many offerings on youtube but here's one of them:

So there you go!

Thank you to all who offered help and assistance;)

Best wishes