Gear made in Europe and the UK.

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Apr 9, 2012
for people who care, or want to care in the future, that local fair and safe jobs and continuation of crafts are important..

I made a small list of Bushcraft Gear made in Europe.
Please help complete the list! Especially made in UK. I know there are lots of UK manufacturers and local craftsman (on this forum too)!

**Moderation Note**
PLEASE confirm that the company you name is manufacturing, not just a UK/EU owned business. Keep posts short so that the company you are naming is easy to see/find.

If for any reason you do not approve of people considering where their products are made (and we recognise this is a valid and complex matter) please do not post your views here. They will be deleted. There is a thread open in Other Chatter for this purpose.

Thank you.



  1. Devold Norway (wool sweater and merino underwear) made in Europe
  2. Helle Knives Norway
  3. Meindl shoes Germany (incl. leather; Identity)
  4. Hanwag shoes Germany
  5. Saint James (wool traditional fisherman sweaters) France
  6. Woolpower, Sweden, merino wool underwear, socks, shirts, sweater
  7. Buffalo UK, Pertex clothing
  8. Aigle Rubber boots, France
  9. Bison Bushcraft UK, clothing, plaid shirts, knives etc
  10. Janus, Wool Base Layers, Norway
  11. Snowsled, Ventile Polar Clothing, UK
  12. Barbour coats UK and Portugal
  13. Aclima wool base layer, Norway
  14. Alfa footwear - Norway:
  15. Altbergs - North yorkshire
  16. Sealskinz - England
  17. Woodrups, Pack frames, UK.
  18. PHD, Down clothing and bags, UK

  1. Ardennes Coticules (handmade) whetstones Belgium
  2. Brussletto knives Norway
  3. Helle Knives Norway
  4. Morakniv Knives Sweden
  5. Dovo Solingen Straight razors Scissors Germany
  6. Gransfors Bruks Axes Froes Sweden
  7. Victorinox SAK Switserland
  8. Opinel Knives Frankrijk
  9. Wetterlings: Sweden, axes
  10. Roselli; Finland, knives and Axe
  11. Svante djarv, Sweden forged tools
  12. Bison Bushcraft UK, clothing, plaid shirts, knives etc
  13. Strømeng same knives - Norway:
  14. EKA knifes . Swedish

  1. Sigg Bottles Switserland
  2. Light my Fire Sweden Firesteels and containers
  3. Suunto, Finland, compass
  4. Savotta Finland, rucksacks, shelters
  5. Trangia sweden, stove, burners, pans, pots
  6. Bach Backpacks Ireland
  7. Carradice cycle gear, paniers & Saddle bags, UK
  8. Aiguille Alpine Equipment, Rucksacks and climbing bags, Staveley, UK
  9. DMM, climbing gear UK
  10. Snugpak, mixed, some UK some not, website shows which is which.
  11. Multimat Sleeping mats. UK
  12. Blizzard Survival Emergency thermal (space like) blankets. UK
  13. Isbjørn sleeping bags - Norway:
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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 25, 2011
North Yorkshire, UK
Not exactly bushcraft, but related. Carradice cycle gear (panniers and saddlebags mostly from heavy duty cotton duck) are made in England. It's damn fine durable stuff.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 29, 2003
Barbour coats are still made in South Shields. Sadly the fashionable stuff is mostly now made in Portugal, but I don't do fashionable, so not a problem.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jul 14, 2008
Aiguille Alpine Equipment, Staveley, UK. They make rucksacks, bags, climbing chalk bags, guide book covers, some canoeing kit, etc. Plus for a fee you can get custom modifications of their products done for not much extra. Everything they make is made upstairs above the store. They'll take you up there to pick your fabrics and other features. BTW they've suuplied sacks capable of carrying silly weights and volumes. Which probably suits some bushcrafters gear levels on nights out.

No affiliation.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 25, 2011
North Yorkshire, UK
GGTBod, I'm damn near certain that on-one have their frames made abroad, so not made in this country, sorry. Woodrups are still frame building in Yorkshire.


Apr 9, 2012
Marttiini knives. Finland

some Optimus products are Made in Sweden
Wenger knives Switzerland

Are Hultafors made in Sweden?

Haglövs backpacks etc - swedish company but some stuff made in Europe
thanks for helping out!
Haglofs is mainly made in China.....
I will get Hultafors out indeed....!


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
Technolen in Lomnice nad Popelkou in Czech Republic make tents, shelters and so on. Also make tents for other brands.
Gumotex Czech Rep make inflatable canoes and other water craft

Fjallraven - some production in Sweden ( Sorry, my computer at work does not have the Swedish letters)
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Jan 11, 2012
Feel free to add me: Myler Custom Leather - bespoke handmade leather and canvas goods made in Ireland, made with the finest Italian leather and British made canvas.

PS - this is a good idea. Too many people don't know where their gear comes from or who really makes it.