Food shortage again?

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A mate from Barrow stock (with a geordie father though) once told me about some farming friends of his family on the wild west of Cumbria who still count their sheep in the traditional way. Yan, tan, tethera, etc. Iirc.

I did once here that a cumbrian farmer once got to represent his country in the sheep counting world championships. It was in Australia and its always hard to crack the NZ team. Anyway he did rather well because of his faster counting system using that traditional number system.

AIUI it's a hang up from a lost language across northern UK coming from northumbria iirc. There's variations across the north I believe. I did read online a table of variations and their regions of use.

As to my friend, his mum was x generation barrovian so knew everyone in that neck of the woods apparently .
According to a neighbouring farmer Welsh farmers count the legs and divide by 4.