First Responders?

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Nov 6, 2008
Just wondering what it entails really ( warts and all ) , the reality of it , can it lead anywhere else etc??


Jan 19, 2004
I enjoy it. Some places have a rota system if there are enough people. Where I am I just book on when I can as there aren't enough responders to do a rota.
Generally most of the patients I see are breathing problems/ chest pain or falls. Most are genuine and in need
When I first started some of the ambulance crews were anti CFRs but that's not the case now. Most crews encourage and even help to train and give extra to help to CFRs - showing how to put a line in, explaining this particular case, completing forms etc.
Some of the CFRs I know have gone on to become ECA or technicians (ambulance crews but not as qualified as paramedics) none have done the full Para qualification as far as I know.
I would do more if I had the time
Does that help?

bowji john

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Mar 24, 2015
If you go onto yor local ambulance service website there is often a link to apply as ambulances services recruit from time to time

Training is basic but free, you will be expected to act as a 'third man' on 3 occasions on an ambulance and write a feedback on your experiences.

There after there is usually a rota system and you will be expected/encouraged to be on duty for a number of days per month (area dependent)

In my area, at th beginning of shift you will pick up the medical bag from the responder going off duty.

The role is very real - as you often get there before an ambulance crew - responders are also used partly to meet the 12 min ambulance response times

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
I have the utmost respect for their skills.
Some locals in SAR & FR crews never recover from the accidents and avalanches that they attend.
There's a woman across the street from me with a broken spirit.