First full knives finished for a long time

Well been a while since I made a full knife as custom Kydex has been taking up lot of available work time last year just now catching up on knives for the customers who have put up with the wait

Heres the ones done in the last couple of weeks still only 4 and ive the Kydex sheathing to do

Jungle parang as per the Design thread only the second production version released into the Civilian environment now Im happy that they have had a proper testing ordered as per Mil spec but has Cammo G10 scales will get teh Multicam Sheath this week

then a pair for a old school mate who is off to South america for a few months a Std DSK in 4.5mm N690 with etch blackened blade with scraper spine and Peely ply G10 scales

with a Hybrid Knife based out of the DJP 5.8mm 52100 stock blade but has a Woodlore edge profile and a drop point like a BG :O doe n with a Stout full flat to 35 deg fine secondary the scallop on the spine is one of my scraper edges Has Olive Drab G10 scales with 1/4" x 5/16" corby bolts in brass pins and Tube all textured stippled and has a bit of pommel tang showing for hammering as requested

last up is a N690 4.5mm DJP x DWC balde with Full flat to fine 35deg secondary Has Burgundy linen Micarta scales with 3/16 to 1/4" Nickle silver Corby bolts pins and Tube all textured stippled

Spine shots showing the Scraper edge on the RH side of the OD knife this is because hes left handed so scrapes away or down easiest

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Mar 24, 2011
Looking good!

Is the market for kydex really that much bigger than the actual knives you produce?
Looking good!

Is the market for kydex really that much bigger than the actual knives you produce?

well Ive had to buy in 9off 8ft x 4ft sheets of black in the last 6 months none of which was for a knife

also I don't do any where near a 39hr week as Im a House husband with 2 Kids to deal with and a large House and garden which needs extensive work on top of the std Chores etc
Some months I get a couple weeks straight some maybe a couple hrs

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Dec 30, 2005
But you do have a lovely wife Dunc - a sort of quiet delicate little blossom :) Say "Hi" to her and the twigs for me?

Loving the knives too - that textured G10 is interesting