Finland May 2018 Day 5

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BCUK Welfare Officer
Dec 7, 2003
West Sussex
The forecast was remarkably accurate with higher winds from the west so our decision to alter our plans to be closer to the final campsite was a good one.

After another epic breakfast and some yoga we decided to spend time practicing some bushcraft skills

I wanted to test the Forest Knights prototype wood carver and the rest were keen to improve their knife skills.

We played with carving gypsy flowers, spoons and wood spirits.

Did a little fire lighting practice using the natural tinders growing locally. All too easy to become besotted with the local birch bark but there is so many resources to be found if you choose to look.


Sam improving his knot skills.


John carving a ladle.


I’m very happy with the grind and overall blade profile. The edge retention is good. Just a couple of modifications before the carver will be available to order.


John and Karen are a strong tandem team.

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Journeys end for the night.


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