Finland May 2018. Day 4

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Dec 7, 2003
West Sussex
the Orginal plan was to paddle north and portage into a narrow channel to visit a Neolithic Rock painting approximately 7000 years old. However the forecast for Day 5 was for the winds to increase and move around to the west. We didn’t really fancy a 15km paddle with two long open water sections into a head wind.

Bouncy is fun but this group wanted to enjoy the chance to unwind and spot the wildlife.
So we altered our plans and after a hearty breakfast we broke camp and headed west.


Thankfully the clouds provided a bit of shade but soon passed.


After a rather long lunch stop where a local Grass Snake decided to join us we choose to take a bit of a detour. So because we could.

Sam is one of the Forest Knights staff. Nothing too much trouble and always ready to lend a hand.
Especially when it came to finishing the food when we had over catered.
Back to the gym this week. ;)


John and Karen enjoying a spot of fishing.


Kettle on for more coffee.


The water was filtered using an MSR filter. Although boiled water from the lake is fine. The MSR required a back flush every 15-20 litres and you had to be careful to get rid of the air bubbles or the flow rate slows.


Tonight’s camp site in the distance.

Some of the group found the scale a challenge to navigate. Features tend to look very similar.

Today we paddled around 18-20km.
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