Dads In the dog house!

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Alan 13~7

Oct 2, 2014
Prestwick, Scotland
Out and about with SWIMBO & the sprogs, a trip to...


Dunure castle.

Arrived at the castle didn't have to pay to get in today, bonus!
Parked up. The kids run off to play, dad gets the coffee on while the wife gets the sandwiches out & juice n crisps for the kids...
Picnic over dad packs coffee kit.
The Wife who is not so fit for scrambling round castle ruins or scrambling down cliffs to get to the beach, waited in the car while Dad takes kids to the castle, shows the kids how to get in to the areas of the castle that are strictly out of bounds to the public.

While walking round the castle ruins dad realizes he has a tiny Jerry can full with bio-ethanol in his pocket, from when making coffee earlier...

A little later while scrambling down the cliff from the castle ruins to the beach Ben slips puts his hand down to stop himself right into a patch of stinging nettles complaining Much! I frantically look for the elusive dockin leaf antidote... Knowing full well There's no evidence that dock leaves help, either by providing natural antihistamines or neutralising the acids that the Trichome hairs inject into skin.
Even if for just a placebo effect my search continues & is un fruitfull, the complaining of discomfort continues "Dad will it help if I put my hand in the sea?" Dads got an idea don't panic, heading to the nearest rock pool, dad puts his plan into action...
turns out Bio ethanol seems to work really well on nettle stings poured onto the sting rubbed in then washed off with salt water.... who knew? no more complaining....

A little later, walking on the beach while kids play dad is getting board...
so poured a tiny amount of bio ethanol into dent in a rock & set fire to it, kids instantly start poking tiny sticks at it, as it's windy it quickly dries up & goes out, a little further along the beach a more sheltered spot out of the wind.... you see where this is going don't you? Long story short...

After about an hour or so latter Dad returns the kids to the wife, done up like a couple of kippers, the Spanish inquisition begins "yea some people had a wee fire on the beach" I said & as if its not bad enough that the kids smelt like a couple of legs of ham, Ben had carelessly picked up a longish stick, with the intention of breaking it up to put on the wee fire... unfortunately it had recently been poked at the fire & was still hot enough to melt a wee hole in his new joggers that he had only just got for his birthday.

it's getting late & we decide to cook some sausages for the boys before Heading for home this turns out to be quite a challenge as it's blowing a hoolie I had to tie the stove down the wind threatening to blow the frying pan over it had been sheltered on the beach... boys fed we head for home the wife complaining about the smell of the boys most of the way home.

Needless to say while the stinky kippers take baths eagle eye-ed wife spots the wee fag burn size hole while washing the BBQed clothes so....

dads in the dog house
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Jun 14, 2016
Cool trip report! 👍😁

Good day out!
Making golden memories for the kids...

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