Crooked knives and an ulu.

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Here are a few of the hook knives and an ulu we just shipped yesterday.
Each knife and shape is custom.

This set of hooks for mask carvings. L6 and 15n20. Apple, plum birch and oak wood.

The larger hooks are A2 and L6 with apple and yew handles.

An ulu. L6 and moose antler.


There is more recent work on:


May 7, 2004
I've got a crooked knife from the 1800's thats i still use, damn good it is! I've often thought
about making a new one, never been sure about what to use for the blade though, just looking at that tutorial that was mentioned.

Very nice blades by the way! I do alot of carving and could quite easily make use of one of them knives. The handles have a very warm look to them. I prefer the way the blade's fixed to the handle like that, rather than being strapped down with cord or whatever.

Andy >>>>>----------------------------<>
I'm glad our tutorial on making a crook knife is being utilized.
Also L6 and 15n20. Both steels are used in lumber mill bandsaw blades. Another steel is
A2 used in larger circular blades. All the info on handling these steels is on the internet. The blades without carbide teeth. I've used old 10" table saw blades and I've used car leaf spring for large 6" hooks.
These steels are tough with a high tensile strength and hold a strong edge and they are fairly easy to heat treat.

I can't say enough about L6 steel. It makes for an excellent edge on any kind of knife.

Thanks for the compliments.

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