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  • Hi Jojo, Just tried sending a message about the Tarn Woodcarver but not sure if it went through.
    I would like it very much if it's still available.
    Let me know,
    Hi, Joel,

    I've been trying to reply to your message but the machinery keeps on saying that your inbox is full to bursting. I'm definitely interested in your New Nessmuk and just need to find out how I can get the payment to you. Perhaps you could p.m. me or email me (rtiley@beaudesert.gloucs..sch.uk). Hope to hear from you soon before that little beauty disappears!

    Very best,
    Hi, I'm Charles from New Zealand an I am trying to get early trade axes which were used in the 19th C. as trade items with the Maori.
    They are fairly similar to your Kent pattern axes. I am unable or don't know how to load pictures as yet but when I am able I shall do so. Then perhaps you will recognize which type I am on about.
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