Cheap Line Markers

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I'd have thought that a betalight would be cheaper in the long run, and certainly more robust, convenient and reliable.

Here's an example, just a random search engine result, I bet you can get them cheaper than this.

The brightness will halve approximately every 12.3 years as the radioactive content decays, so the typical useful lifetime of these things is a quarter of a century.

It's a continuous light, you can't turn it off to save power for example, and if you wanted to go 'tactical' you'd have to put it in your pack or something.


Jun 18, 2009
if you google "LED Throwies" you'll find a few links to similar projects, they first emerged online as a means of urban pranking and grafiti!

You could evolve the design by fitting a light dependant resistor so they only come on at night, then with a bit of duct tape to seal it, they'd last for ages.