Carrying a bow

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Oliver G

Sep 15, 2012
Melbourne, Derbyshire
Good Afternoon All,

I'm hoping to tap into the hive mind here. I've recently picked up a takedown bow which is great. I can set up a little range where I normally go camping, but the issue is getting the bow there safely.

I'm currently using the 45 litre bergan with rocket pouches on, does anybody know if there is a bow case that can hold the riser, limbs, and a few arrows that will either fit onto the PLCE side (or be the right size to allow me to stitch on QR buckles) or, if there is one that will mount to the MOLLE on the back?

Thanks all,



Jul 2, 2014
North West Somerset
When I started field archery, I used a canvas bag very similar to this from Merlin Archery:

I would carry the riser, two sets of limbs, string(s), tab, bracer, a strong bladed knife, plus arrows. In my case I modified it with a sling so I could wear it across the back of my shoulders while I rode my motorcycle to shoots. It served for a couple of years until I changed over to the English longbow class. Oddly that coincided with buying my first car :)


Dec 3, 2005
What are your diy skills like? A piece of down pipe for the arrows and a custom roll with pockets for your bow, keep it simple and just cover the pipe with a cloth pocket to make it look neat. Any one with a sewing machine could knock one out in a short time, just find the right material to your taste and would be cheaper than buying.


Sep 6, 2011
I have one of the telescopic art tubes with a shoulder strap that I put mine in. Just wrap the bow in a cloth to stop it rattling about.

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