Canvas bags!!! The first wave!!!

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Apr 15, 2010
hi guys.....thanks for posting....i think i've got a couple of strollers and a couple of ramblers left.....

this last year has been a bit of a mad one with lots going on in my business and personal life and unfortunately i've simply not had the time or inclination to carry on where i left off.....i'd love to be able to sit at one of my 201's and sew away all day believe me....

i've got a load more axe bags cut out ready to work on and i also promised a backgammon board bag to a bcuk'er which i will get done even if its the last thing i ever do but for now i've only got whats stashed away in storage.....i'll send you a pm or drop me a line if interested please,




Jun 24, 2011
North Yorks
Love the look of the axe bags. Didn't spot these previously. Do give me a shout Sonni when you have these available again.
Sounds like you've got a lot on right now so not expecting soon just keep me in mind when you do get time.
Jul 31, 2017
Dear beneath the stars, could you sell me one of your new canvas bags:the tidy £15. I don't know how to go about this (just signed up to bushcraft uk) would you send me a paypal invoice. My email address is when i get a bit more money,touch wood,in a week and a half id like to buy a bigger to house my hatchet;the rambler i believe.thanks please geet back to me when possible and let me know whats happening. Crustypunk
Jul 31, 2017
Hello sonni,
I have sent several texts on your website and being a new member of bushcraft uk have only just worked how to use the messaging system.i apologise for any confusion caused.i would really like a rambler (£29) and i notice you have put your tinder pouches on your site for sale.I have no monies till wednesday so i wondered if you could save me a rambler till then.would be much appreciated.please email me to let me know (whistler342@ i can put the money aside.i apologise for my **** about tit way of doing things.anyway,cheers crustypunk.
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