For Sale Bushcrafters belt kit

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Jul 3, 2013
i have for sale a complete bushcrafters belt kit, the kit includes a lined heavy belt made with 3.5mm veg tan leather and lined with 2mm lining with heavy duty solid cast brass buckle and belt stay as pictured. Please note this is not yet complete as it will be finished to your own required size before being hand stitched it’s full length.
Possibles pouch made from soft 1.5mm veg tan outer with 3mm veg tan belt loop and 1.5mm leather for the actual pouch which has a drawstring closer and a concho and drawstring closer for the flap. The belt loop is fitted with heavy saddlers rivets.
Laplander sheath, made from heavy 3.5mm veg tan and belt loop which is again fixed with heavy saddlers rivets, the sheath itself is hand saddle stitched with a saddlers rivet at the top for extra strength.
Knife sheath, made from 3.5mm veg tan which is hand saddle stitched with a belt loop fixed with saddlers rivets and a saddlers rivet at the top again for extra strength, the sheath will fit condor bushlore, mora and most woodlore clone type knives.
Axe loop, made from 3.5mm heavy veg tan and fixed with heavy saddlers rivets.
Obviously it doesn’t include knife, saw or axe as they are for illustration only.
£150 plus postage.


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