Bushcraft Instructor / Makers wanted in South East Essex

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Feb 8, 2010
For those in Essex you may/may not know I am also a trustee of http://eehack.space - a hackspace/maker space charity in South East Essex - Hawkwell.

We've been approached by a forest school startup that deals with a mix of kids including those with learning disabilities. They are looking for someone to run some sessions who are self employed with enhanced DRBs initially during the May half term, but may be a longer term opportunity. Sadly I already have a full time job!

They're also looking for someone who's keen on making things, potentially using some of the hackspace facilities to facilitate other learning streams. If you like both this and bushcraft (odds are if you're on here, you already do one of these) then give https://www.rawlearning.co.uk/ a shout.


We have a a number of knives, T-Shirts and other items for sale.