Buffalo Special 6 - astonished

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May 17, 2011
Own a special 6 and a belay, love them beats anything I’ve tried for walks, hillwalking. Bought my first one in 1990. Still my go to coat for outdoors
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Feb 18, 2010
Been wearing this a lot now and it’s a great item.

I have found that:

Dry + cold in the single figures I need a t-shirt (cotton t-shirt if just walking the dog!) or baselayer (poly-propylene if active) underneath for medium activity, fine on its own for high activity levels - need to throw something over it if stopping for an extended period of time though.

Warmer (early double figures) it is fine on its own up to medium activity levels but to warm for more than that.

Fine on its own in the rain with the temp in double figures

Not tried it in the rain in single figures yet with a base layer or without but I will.

Amazing in the wind, really good at blocking it

Imo it could do with some extra padding in the kidney area and when the wind is ‘right’ it can come in the side zips a bit

But Overall very happy with it, and performs well but it is not a one solution (on its own) for all situations imo. Still very pleased with it though.
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Jun 29, 2014
I had a Buffalo cycling top (probably still have it somewhere) but stopped using it as it was too warm. Even in a blizzard I had all the zips fully open trying to keep cool.

The other problem was the crotch strap, it used to catch under the saddle which would often result in some painful saddle action - snipped it off after a few rides.

Now I am much older and slower and I feel the cold more I might dig it out and start using it for canoeing and camping. It will always be too warm for cycling.
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