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Nov 30, 2011
My favorite, carried in medium size hip flask from Asda, which over the years tends to keep the flavour of sloe gin used at winter time. Its lush. Blend or not

Reminds me of a time when i was flying back from a week working in surrey. Was in Heathrow at the shopping bit and there was a shop with a load of whisky bottles open for tasting. All single malts. I must of had about 10 tastes from that, Talisker was fantastic, and the flight home went quick.
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Jan 31, 2005
I've always liked single malts. I try to have a carying stock at home for guests with different tastes.
I'd recommend the McCloud rebranded single malts to anyone not wanting to spend too much but still have a decent drink.

On shelf life of liqour in flasks. I've had whisky go bad in flasks a couple of times. Turns opaque and has a vile metallic taste. My guess is tannins reacting with the metal.
I'd made a cranberry whisky liquer years ago that would eat it's way out of hip flasks if left in too long. Think it was the acid in the fruit.
Also had a comemorative ceramic whisky bell that sat unopened for years. One evening I could hear a strange noise coming from another room. Eventually tracked it down to the bell. The whiskey had gone off in the jar and was bubbling away. Never known of unadulterated whisky to go off. I tried some and it was truely awfull.

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Insel Affen

Aug 27, 2014
York, N Yorks
I have heard a rumour that Port Ellen is re-opening under DaAdgio (?) Has anyone else heard the rumour and do we think it will be as good as it once was?

My eternal regret was listening to the wife and not buying some around 2009 - in a funny ceramic bottle. €80 a bottle was too much for her. How I enjoy pointing out at every whisky shop that all the Port Ellen is about £400 a bottle now.