Kifaru Zulu full kit plus extras

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Jan 13, 2007
Right, it is time for me to pass my Gen 1 Kifaru Zulu to a more deserving owner, I just dont get the opportunity to use it like it you should. I have owned it for approx 6 years and bought it new then. It has been used probably 3 times a year, for camping and a bit of bushcrafty woodsbeercamping too. There are no serious stains that I can see, a little bit of surface mud on one of the pouches but nothing permanent. Also, no holes, tears or repairs. I do own 3 cats so there is a bit of cat hair on it if that bothers you.

On to the description (borrowed from Military Morin's page as it was the first one that came up on Zulu and I am rubbish at typing: (Text pinched from:

4/22/04 - The Zulu is Kifaru's newest pack (as of this date), and in my opinion, one of the most versatile. Its capacity is listed at 2800 cubic inches "plus" (more on this later). Like the other Kifaru packs, it is covered in PALS webbing (3 rows x 8 channels on the top lid, and 7 rows x 20 channels on the exterior of the pack) and will accept any of the Kifaru modular pockets or MOLLE compatible pouches. It is a top loader with detachable lid, and a storm collar that closes via drawcord. The Zulu is a departure from the top and panel loaders that Kifaru has offered up to now, and was designed as a completely new pack from the ground up, not a resize of any existing pack in the Kifaru line. It also doesn't have a single zipper on it to blow out or jam.
The main compartment in the Zulu forms a large cylinder roughly a foot in diameter, and a foot and a half tall to the top of the stays. The rectangular/oval footprint of the bottom is roughly 16" x 9". There are 4 common loops for hanging pockets in the main compartment (it comes with the chamber pocket to store small items). The 1" aluminum stays are located behind the chamber pocket and are easily removed from their sleeves. The storm collar extends about 7" above the top of the pack (top of the stays). The detachable lid can be moved up or down to accomodate any expansion of the collar. When the collar's drawcord is cinched, a top compression strap runs from the front of the pack into a buckle at the top/back of the pack near the drag/carry handle. On the outside of the pack are 3 slot pockets, between the outer panel with PALS webbing and the main compartment. The top horizontal compression straps keep the openings of the slot pockets closed when tightened, and contents secure. The front slot pocket can hold a cargo chair, while the side slots can hold a 100 oz hydration bladder or pullouts. D-rings inside the top of each slot pocket serve as anchors for dummy cording or hanging the contents inside. On the back of the pack is a radio antenna/hydration tube port/opening which closes with velcro. There is no integral hydration bladder compartment in the Zulu, but one is on the design board that can be hung from the common loops inside.As with the rest of the Kifaru packs, the suspension system is fully adjustable. The shoulder straps can lengthened and shortened to suit the user and the aluminum stays bent to custom fit the back. The patented Delta straps allow you to adjust the amount of offload that the waistbelt provides. The Zulu does not come with a waist belt. Kifaru has introduced new Omni belts which are removable and will fit a number of their packs. The same belt can be used with the updated Marauder and Scout. There are 4 Omni belt options - plain/unpadded, unpadded/PALS, padded/plain, and padded/PALS.The Zulu's capacity is estimated at 2800 c.i. "plus". The "plus" is where the storm collar comes in. When compressed and cinched down to its minimum height (dictated by the top of the stays), the Zulu is about the size of a Marauder. When the collar is extended and the Zulu is 'stuffed out', it now becomes taller than the Pointman (at 3000 c.i.). This is where the versatility of the Zulu becomes apparent - it can hold a LOT of stuff, and yet be compressed down to a small package if needed. The extra length of the vertical compression straps and top compression strap will allow items to be lashed under the lid (like a sleeping pad), or at the bottom of the pack. The pics below show the Zulu with and without modular pockets, and also worn comfortably with a BH STRIKE chest rig (using the waist belt). For use with a belt rig, the Omni belt would have to be removed. For comfort, I'll have to give a slight edge to the Pointman, due to the drilex-covered lumbar padding. The Zulu carries more like the Marauder.By itself, or coupled with the growing array of modular pockets and pouches, I think the Zulu is going to be a big hit with both civvies and military personnel, as it fits so many needs, from a daypack to patrol pack to one larger than a 3-day pack.

Mine is Foliage green, with a top zip long pocket, a side zip long pocket and a back pouch, all dock-n-lock attached with QASM buckles for the back pouch. It also has two waist belt pockets and benefits from the XTL top lid, which can be detached and used as a day pack, as well as having MOLLE on the inside for attaching pouches, and also a zipped inner pocket and a large zipped outer pocket. Also a chamber pocket in the main bag and one in the XTL lid, the XTL comes with the padded shoulder satrap to use it as a separate bag. If I find it I will also chuck in the original top lid, which is just a lid with no pockets in it. This pack has the padded belt with PALS and PowerPull, which gives you a mechanical advantage when tightening the waist belt. It is sized for a 36" waist (I think).

The Zulu was $400, the XTL was $116, long pockets were $55 each, back pouch was $ 50 and the two belt pouches were $25 each. On top of that I paid international shipping at $90, plus import duty and VAT of about £135 so all in this set up owes me about £700. These packs are now discontinued so this could be the last opportunity to buy one of these bomb proof rucksacks, particularly in such good condition. You also do not have the interminable 3 month wait for a pack to be built.

I am looking to get £500 £450 back on this shipped and paypalled within EU, but I am open to offers or partial trades. I need to see cash back of at least £350 if I accept a trade.

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BTT with a price drop for the weekend.


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BTT with a price drop.


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Forgot to say, that price includes postage and PayPal.
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