Are we buying more or less stuff?

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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales

Yeah right! And the kimd and generous government will look after us as they always do!

Is that a 'No' then; it's not covered?
I was self-employed for a great deal of my working life so I do appreciate the situation but I am curious as to whether the insurance companies see this as valid circumstances to make a claim. I never had to call on my insurance TBH so never tested the value :)


Sep 7, 2004
the only thing i'm buying is food.
With shows cancelled and people not able to come to me for courses, my income has almost totally dried up; so no new toys or treats for me. Normally at this time of year I would also be looking at restocking on steel and fuel, but since I can't get anywhere to sell things there is no point making much right now :(

I'll just start working through my 'to do' lists and maybe tidy the workshop (it would be the first time in a decade though!)
Know that feeling

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
Thinking about it - I am buying much more stuff than usual!
Two cheap Casio watches - I guess I needed them as I could not read my usual watch without my glasses.
Imagedude's Lundhag boots - I needed some new boots due to the demise of my favourite pair of 9.11 boots.
Fabric for another jacket - not really needed but I wanted to be sewing and I am sure it will come in useful...
A copy of "The Mabinogion" - homework ("Work From Home") from work at the Iron Age fort so I can do story telling when work recommences ... I could have read it on line - but I dislike reading off a screen!
Extra whisky to see me through Lockdown...
All avoidable spending in reality as I have alternatives but, I think, very much warranted in the circumstances!
I only have another 70 odd hours rotaed by the National Park (they said they would honour the hours booked with "homework" and I have been given various projects to work on) then I am on my own with nowhere to sell the crafts I have made and none of my suppliers open to sell me materials to make more for "catch up" after the crisis is over. Thank goodness my wife has a State Pension as that will be our only income!


M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jan 15, 2011
.....then I am on my own with nowhere to sell the crafts I have made and none of my suppliers open to sell me materials to make more for "catch up" after the crisis is over. Thank goodness my wife has a State Pension as that will be our only income!
One of my friends sells her home crafts as well. Just yesterday I saw several of her blankets on her Facebook account (she has a separate account for the crafting) and I bought one. (Does this Counot as something I’ve bought?) Anyway, neither of us are violating restrictions as the shopping is done online and we’ll only meet one on one (no crowds) to exchange merchandise for payment: just the same as yesterday morning when I went to a local farm to buy fresh milk. The farmer, a gentlemen about my own age, was careful to maintain distance as we made the exchange.
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Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 14, 2008
Have you think thought of an online sales presence?

I had one cheap Casio watch, beard/hair trimmers, resistance bands for potential lockdown fitness training and something else lined up to buy at Argos. The bands sold out no doubt bought by people with lockdown panic. That's where you fear you'll run out of things to do so even exercising might appeal, but probably they'll not be that bored. The clippers I think I'll get by without and same with the £14.99 watch. I'm on half pay so money could be tight before this is out.

The watch was a cheer myself up purchase, trimmer because my old one is goosed and the fitness resistance bands because I don't get on my with dumbbells, kettlebells and body weight exercises. The bands seem to allow exercises like i worked out be with the freedom resistance machine at my old gym. Basically more realistic actions than weights. Kayak paddling type movements against resistance that increases as the bands stretch.

So right now I'm in enforced savings mode. Can't buy anything useful because shops have shut or sold out.


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May 17, 2011
Over the last few years I’ve realised how much kit and junk I have bought and always gone back to using or reading my favourites.

So I have gradually and still doing got rid of clothing , pans, knives, anything that I have not used for over a year. We all probably bought loads of books which repeat the same topic when 2 or 3 might have done. So charity shops are doing well.

Totally had enough of the materialistic too much kit idea
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XRV John

Jan 23, 2015
I'm buying stuff to mod my LK35 type backpack (mine's the aircrew version) so webbing and thread, and maybe a sewing machine if my sewing doesn't improve :p
Trying to finish my man cave off. New coils for the motorbike ready to fit. Concrete in a loose hammock post. Spacing jobs out so I don't use them up too fast!


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Dec 20, 2013
I managed to find "Woodcraft" x2 just before "it" all kicked off. I can now escape from SWMBO's lists and suggestions occasionally by communing with John Rhyder and Barn the Spoon. Only challenge could be that in addition to Kochanski try sticks (10 notches in 10 minutes) and Fenna's netting, I am developing my own to do list! Somehow the unaccustomed down time may be increasing my desire to get back to work


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Jan 10, 2006
I dont seem to need much.

Im hoping to get out in Dads garden when the appeal of painting Warhammer figures palls...or I run out of things to paint...


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Apr 16, 2009
I’m terrible for buying stuff. My Pure DAB radio packed up completely so I’m using a tiny battery portable. It’s not great so I’ve bought a returned Ebay Pure one with a CD slot and stereo speakers. I figure it’s the only way my CD collection will ever get listened to.

As another aid for these hard times I’m digging up half of my landlords lawn and putting in some veg, seed ordered and 20 growbags on the way for containers. Plus 20 American Giant sunflower seeds that will grow way above our fence height and hopefully look bright and cheery to us and our neighbours.

And VitD, because Dr John Campbell of YouTube puts a very convincing case that it can reduce the chances of bacterial and viral respiratory tract infections by 70%.

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